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Agharahim and Mary teach peace in the training camps organized in Georgia for the children from their respective countries. Looking at them so united, no one would think that they come from two different states – he’s from Azerbaijan and she from Armenia – divided by a fierce rivalry. Kan became deputy of the foreign minister of Abkhazia, a small republic that near the Black Sea that was born from the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and is helping his people to follow the path of dialogue, to reject any plans for revenge against Russians. Chermen is Deputy Minister of Finance of Ingushetia, a tiny independent stste located at the northern slopes of the Caucasus. He’s helping his people, encourages them by giving what he has learned. Names and faces of kids with stories and different lives but who share the rejection of prejudice and hatred. True nonconformist young people, authentic promoters of the only true revolution possible: peace. Together they’re building the future through politics with a capital P, a policy that encourages dialogue, prosperity, solidarity and does not pursue sinister economic interests sending hundreds of people to die.

Their vocation is innate but to become really useful it has been cultivated through a journey of cultural discovery over the two years spent at the Onlus “Rondine Cittadella della Pace”, a wonderful reality located in the village of the same name in the medieval Arezzo’s area. The association welcomes every year 30 students from areas in conflict and makes them live together. Israelis and Palestinians, Chechens and Russians, Serbs and Kosovars, Indians and Pakistanis, young people from different African ethnic groups who share their bread, joke and laugh to forget the horror and poverty from which they come. Rondine offers them a golden rule: the enemy does not exist. The other should be respected not because he/she identifies a flag, a country, an ideology or a religion but because he/she is a unique person, a student like any other that can be nice even if he/she comes from a reality considered hostile by other people. A slap to the injury.

Each year a non-profit organization publishes a contract and spread it all over the world thanks to the web or to the testimony of former participants. Those interested send a request that is evaluated by the staff and then claims a motivational interview in his country. At the end of skimming it fifteen are selected to be added to as many veterans already in place to reach the number of 30. Today all subscribers already comes with a degree and, at the beginning of the path, choosing to attend a master in any university Italian agreement. It is almost always of matters relating to international relations and communication, because Rondine has a lofty goal: to form the statesmen of tomorrow.

To stimulate dialogue between them Rondine involves children in the learning of the Italian language, a neutral language, and puts them at the center of projects to be proposed to the school. As “Understanding conflicts, practice peace” that brought dozens of students to visit the places of World War I, accompanied by the staff and the young people of the “Citadel of Peace”. The association’s activities did not go unnoticed and Rondine has earned a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. An unexpected news that has stunned even the president, Franco Vaccari: “From the Tuscan good there and then I thought he was joke, did not believe it – tells Interris – then past the initial dismay I felt great joy, but also a great sense of responsibility. ” Because now, for Rondine, it opens a new phase. “The candidacy us into a strong international environment – explains – and our thinking must also go to those who work every day to achieve our own objectives without such recognition.” To celebrate the event were the many children who have passed through the non-profit organization. “There was a big party at the time of the announcement and I thought back to the young people from rival ethnic groups and nations, and who now work together. As two “swallows gold” (the title received at the end of the biennium ed) of Sierra Leone from groups at war. Think: founded in Makeni a center for human rights and fight against Ebola, the only real enemy in those areas. ”

Vaccari is one of the founders of the Citadel. E ‘in 1977 when a group of volunteers of Catholic inspiration asked for and obtained by the then Bishop of Arezzo, Mons. Teosfolo Cioli permission to renovate the village, in a state of neglect. Armed with a shovel, spade and good will it rebuild, hosting, later, the first experience of civil service for women. 88 community manages to make his first miracle: a musical about the life of St. Francis of Assisi in the Soviet Union. And it is in the country of mass atheism and of de-Christianization that Swallow began flapping their wings, building diplomatic relations aimed at peace. So much so that in 1995 the association are asked to carry out an activity of mediation to resolve the Russian-Chechen conflict. The attempt failed but Vaccari and his understand that he had chosen the right path. Two years later came the request to accept some young Chechens who could not study in Russia. The answer is yes, provided that, with them, are also sent the Russian guys, so that they live together to foster a sense of solidarity. And ‘the beginning of a wonderful adventure of solidarity and brotherhood that never ceases to stand in front of new horizons. “Now we are working to ensure that our young people around the world, these stem cells of the peace, is set in motion to heal the wounds of their lands – announces Vaccari – in Italy, then, from 1 September will welcome a fourth high school that will stay with us, helping us to spread our message. ” And to support the Swallow in his flight to Oslo: nothing is impossible for those who can realize the dreams.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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