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The most known holy book in the history of humanity is the Bible. This set of texts is divided into two parts: the Old and the New Testament. The former reveals and makes understandable the latter, which on could not exist without the other. The Holy book then already in its own composition shows us what is strength, what are able to do those who join together.

The great drama of our times is the absolute inability to build, to cooperate, to work as a team. In words people are very well available sometimes, but in fact the real sharing remains a very difficult task. Then when ideologies take over, everything becomes more complicated. But today Italy is ending up in a clumsy and self-defeating loneliness.

A country that has got a unique and enviable wealth that is being sold off to ruthless mercenaries who do not care about the future, even about that of their children. The run-up to the “magna-magna” is well known by everyone and that’s why we cannot remain passive watching the shipwreck.

In the last year countless associative movements were born with the aim to aggregate the dispersed ones wishing to revive the country. Many soloists of good will are preparing arduous enterprise and those who have more financial means are trying to emerge. But it all comes down to the usual trick that pulls the population away from public affairs. People are sick and tired of all these promises and lies. We must have the courage to turn the page.

It is necessary to take the way of dialogue and responsible participation, as the new President of the Republic said. It is fundamental to give a voice to young people, families, businesses and lower classes.

The project “Italia Più” wants to respond positively to the expectations of a nation that is facing the most severe crisis of its values in history, denying, and sometimes even despising its Christian roots.

To accomplish this we must first overcome the generational conflict, used by those who have made the “scrapping” become their flag. But the divisions do not pay, neither the compromises! We must abandon the logic of confrontation, a viral and sterile vortex that is visible to all. To do that we must combine experience and vital energies in order to form a new political class.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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