We’ve turned into zombies

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It had already happened with the selfies made in front of the carcass of the Costa Condordia, which had swallowed 32 people, and it is happening again today near Furio Camillo Metro station in Rome. Some people stop, look … and then pull out their smartphone and take a picture, to be put somewhere in a casual album.

The respect due to the dead, and even more to the ones who have to keep on living – to parents survived their children for instance – does not exist. We have become dramatically unemotional, cynical. Empty, to put it in one word.

And yet each of those getting off the bus to take their picture in the place of the horror, and then picking up the next bus as if nothing had happened, has a lot of things to think about: work, family, bills to pay, appointments.

Nevertheless they find the time, not to stop in a church for a silent prayer, but to equip the mobile phone camera for a snapshot which photographs as this society is increasingly lacking in values.

What is to blame is also the spectacle of pain to which television has been accustoming us for years. In the beginning, there was the Cogne,s case that for weeks kept viewers riveted on the reconstruction of the murder of the little Samuel, splashes of blood on the sheets included.

Today transmissions based on tragedies and on their grisly details are the most numerous and popular ones. Close-ups on mothers who weep, eyes unfocused, now vacuous expressions are part of our daily lives. We share them while we are cooking, when our children are having a snack, while we are ironing the clothes … The drama no longer imposes that pause for thought necessary when the soul is quartered by a feeling of pain, so everything becomes routine. And so you pass from the despair of a parent to an advertisement of chips, and then back into the drama.

Feelings are anesthetized, brains in storage. In this process, also the heart stops beating. And we turn into zombies.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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