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It’s all a balance above the madness, Vasco Rossi sings in a famous song. Well, after a day like this, it is impossible to determine where the balance ends and where the madness begins. Within a few hours paintings and particularly important political positions have been dismantled and reconstructed. In order: the judges of the Criminal Division of the Court of Naples sentenced the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, for three years (but will certainly be appealed to the Supreme Court, and pending intervene prescription) for complicity in corruption together with Valter Lavitola, in ‘the corruption of senators that occurred in 2008, which caused the fall of the Prodi government. During the indictment the prosecutor had asked for five years for the Knight and 4 years and 4 months for Lavitola. It was also imposed a ban from holding public office. A blow, no doubt. Also because the doubts, this time, seem to be higher than certainties.

Did Berlusconi really need former Senator De Gregorio? Or rather vice versa? The history will tell who was right, much more than a judgment. On the same day the senator from New centrodestra- area popular, Antonio Azzollini, resigned as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. Everything was communicated in a letter to Senate President Pietro Grasso. In the evening the council for the immunity of the Senate said yes to the request for arrest, under house arrest, advanced by the prosecutor in Trani in the investigation on the collapse of home care Divine Providence of Bisceglie. The decision of now passes under consideration of the Senate wether to approve it or not.

The judiciary on the one hand and the “court” of other MPs on the other are again deciding how Italian politics has to move. Is this the new polics? Is this the new coinage of Renzi’s course? Or are we dealing with an alleged abnormality that becomes the rule? Difficult to draw a line and to draw conclusions. Because the case Berlusconi, now more than ever, brings with it the smell of the judgment policy, which goes beyond the codes and codicils, to strike at the heart of the system. But if Berlusconi did it, did the others do it as well? Are vote trading and sale of deputies neutral or colored? Difficult to fly above the crowd, looking for a balance.

The same reasoning applies to the case Azzollini. And it is quite clear that around that vote there was a game inside the majority, between Pd and Ncd, with submerged and saved. Reason of state and government to save, chairs to protect and requests of the country to ignore. And here there is no balance or madness, just political horse-trading. In Transatlantic there was a question: why is Berlusconi stopped and Azzolini sent off the track, while the Undersecretary Castiglione, another member Ncd, investigated for Cara Mineo, is safe? Of course, politics has always lived in these things, of submerged and saved. But addiction, habit, must not prevail. All the indignation used against Berlusconi from the left – was it just the subject of an ordinance was it a media strategy? Another difficult question to answer. I wish that, sooner or later, all the factors will take their place and the balance will prevail over madness.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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