The trough of the mafia

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I would like to dedicate this editorial to the many young people that I meet and who write to me, lost in their thirst for truth. There are those who tell them that the mafia and its systems is almost a thing of the past. In a recent trip in the beautiful Sicily I specially teased different characters to whom I asked what was the current perception of the Cosa Nostra. The answers were interesting, almost all similar although they did not know each other. “Today the mafia is almost overcome”, “No longer a danger.” In reality we know how organized crime has greatly transformed, evolving in a sophisticated way.

Now for the real Mafia is no longer convenient to commit blatant crimes, but they prefer to manage their shady dealings in jacket and tie moving masses of money with the connivance of the powerful ones. Where once there was the blood of the shootings and of bombs, the criminal system today produces its victims through the most subtle forms of profit. Young people are crushed by multiple supplies of the organized crime ranging in the world of addictions.

The system does not forgive. It is so incorporated in the State, that it becomes impossible to distinguish the good from the bad, at all levels. This creates a confusion of roles and ways in which the law is easily corrupted. The chronic and constant pollution of this increasingly mafia society makes the air unbreathable, just as the heat of these days. A sense of baffling suffocation wraps the honest citizen, the people, the ordinary people.

They make you believe anything, force you to drink in the pigs’ trough, creating surrogates of fake wellness. This is the man who has not only lost his mind and wisdom but also the fear of God, the compass of life and the true meaning of his existence.

The years go by losing the flavor and the taste of things, starting from the most precious ones as health, family, friends, loved ones. The work seems designed to meet its own needs, but actually it forages the careers and the power of these subjects.

How could certain anti-mafia parades be useful if they are limited only to flaunt the anthem of legality in words, but no longer denounce forcefully and effectively the causes of these injustices? Is it sufficient to mourn the dead of the massacres and the great heroes of the past? And where are the heroes of today? The testimony, to be transmitted to future generations, is essential even now. Our kids need to be told the truth, and you need to remove the veil of hypocrisy and falsehood despising any form of association that has as its basis the secrecy.

Then they deceive you into believing to act for a saving plan when in fact there is speculation over the weak and on those who cannot fight back. You “invest” on the poorest, on scraps of society, including those migrants whose ordeal has been revealed by decisive investigation of Mafia Capital, led by Attorney Pignatone, which showed how the Mafia was gaining from it.

Deciding on the lives of others behind their backs is the most evil act. This mentality seems to corrupt the incorruptible, because it is changing the consciousness of man. Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Sì with great clarity and discomfort explains it, and perhaps it is for this discomfort that the watchword is “not talking about it”. In fact, I was suggested to be quiet too: to not treat the theme of the Mafia, to close my eyes, to not antagonize the different groups of white-collar, to mind my own business that I have many things to do, to restrict myself to assist the others …

Retching was my reaction. And in my mind the words of Don Oreste Benzi echoed: “To make injustice become unbearable… So I can’t be quiet anymore”.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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