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The march on Rome is back today, after the great mobilization in May. In the afternoon thousands of teachers will stand in front of Montecitorio, where the highly contested bill on “Good School” is being discussed. The methods, the content, the power given to the principals, the transfer of teachers from regional to provincial jurisdiction – all this is being contested. But on this day something else will happen, something connected to the new understanding of the scholastic system: the “permanent” definition of the ” Committee defend our children “, which organized the big demonstration on June 20 against the introduction of Gender theory in schools.

CGIL, CISL, UIL, Gilda and Snals give numbers that, in their opinion, show the range of the dissent: 618,000 people went on strike, a million torches in the streets of the major cities, 10 million posts, email and tweets, high percentages of adhesion to the strike during the elections. A slap in what is called the arrogance of the government.

As often happens, there was an episode that created confusion, so that someone called it a real attempt to throwing off track. It has become to circulate on the web, the par excellence vehicle of the entire protest, both secular and Catholic, a mysterious invitation to the headquarters of Italian municipalities just on July 7, in order to sign the referendum against the “good school”. It is easy to grasp the strategy behind it: to divide the presence of protesters in thousand Italian municipalities, relying on the hot weather, on the difficulty of organizing and on the prospect of being able to still be a part of the protest. This way, once you understand that in the municipal offices there is no registry, it will be too late to organize together with others.

The same teachers are warning against the messages that are spreading on the web these days. It should be made clear that the bill is not law yet, then in no municipality it will be possible to find forms to sign the recall referendum. Conspiracy aside, the demonstration will take place anyway.

Meanwhile, the former Constitutional Court judge Fernando Imposimato, presented to the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, a petition ex-Article 50 of the Constitution to respect the judgment on November 26 of the European Union, urging to avoid resorting again to the exercise of vote of confidence because it is inconsistent with paragraph 4 of Art. 72 of the same Constitution. And always Imposimato, on his facebook page, explained point by point the critical issues of this law.

Whatever happens today, other forms of agitation intended as civil disobedience and white strikes are not excluded. Even in the House, Sel and M5S’ parliamentarians will make their voices be heard, not really sure about the goodness of the news, despite the commitment with which the Government continues to defend the controversial measure.

As to the inclusion of gender theory in the school, the struggle of the “Committee – Defend our children” will continue until the very end, with the aim of setting up a force with which to contend, as the French model, which just a year ago managed to make Minister Vincent Peillon resign and annul the program based on gender studies.

Some sentences spoken by the speakers of the program – that then withdrew beyond the Alps – explain what is all this about: the reproduction of educational stereotypes is a society’s conspiracy, these stereotypes are evident right from the nursery: children wear pants, the girls skirts …

In a Europe that wants the Gender Theory to be introduced, therefore, it is necessary to maintain high public attention on the issues of children education, the defense of their rights – first of all to grow up in a family with a father and a mother; with the aim of spreading culture and awareness; especially to support the parents, the real responsible for the education of their children, so that they know where to go and how to move if they perceive that, for example at school, their children are subjected to a gender ideology indoctrination. Parents are the outpost of our cultural battle, a battle that will try to play its cards even taking high attention n the politics, but knowing that the most important resistance is taken inside the houses.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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