The Heavens can be admired

  • Italiano

Let us stop and ponder, perhaps in silence, in front of the immensity of the Universe. This is what we miss, This is what mankind in modern society misses today; taken up by thousands of thoughts, forever concerned with futile things that satisy his lust every day. The immensity of the Universe must go back to marvel man again. The sun, the moon, the planets all, obey the heavenly laws. Our galaxies, the Milky-Way formed by countless and hundreds of billions of stars, each with their own solar system.

Our Universe, with over one hundred billion galaxies. The proven possibility, that our Universe, for as far as our eyes are able to see and investigate, be just a portion of its vastness. Let’s make our children rediscover the beauty of watching the heavens, let’s stop together with them, to see what is afar from us, what is different from us, what is immense. Let us offer them an escape route from what is dull and taken for granted. A child who discovers the heavens, is a child intrigued by life.

How many philosophers, how many writers have taken inspiration from the heavens. Saints too, often have contemplated Creation. St. Francis above all. Creation for him was a gift and he expressed his gratitude for it. We, immersed in large and chaotic cities, polluted by lights and noises; we no longer are able to tell where the moon lies. We no longer are interested in scrutinizing the sky. There is no more time.

Our fore-fathers all, could tell if in the evening, there was to be a full moon or not. All could tell by the luminous trail, the Milky Way galaxy. The sailors for millennia, followed the stars to navigate. Today, we barely know how to orientate ourselves by a satellite-navigator. This we must find again. Closeness with the Universe. My grandfather, returning from his first trip away from home, a day after, wisely said to his daughter, my mother, ‘ but do you know that the moon of Padua is the same as that at our home?”

All peoples, races and religions are bound by something in common. The Heavens. How it appears to us now, was the same way as it appeared to our fore-fathers, and how i t will appear to our great  randchildren. It was put there on purpose, to make us ponder. Perhaps even making us aware of how small and helpless we are, when confronted with the Immensity.

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