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The symbol of the Isis has landed in the Holy Land. For now it is just about leaflets of an alleged “Islamic state of Palestine” first, and of an “Emirate of Jerusalem” then, that report intimidation to Christians. An operation looks more like a marketing of terror than like a threat of real actions on the ground. At least for now. But meanwhile, concern is rising. After all, this historical period is what it is, the carnage bounce via web in every part of the globe and even Pope Francis urged not to underestimate “the atrocious, inhumane and inexplicable persecution, unfortunately still present in many parts of the world, often under the eyes of everyone and covered by silence”.

The first to report the presence of these “black flyers” was the Israeli daily Haarets, which also noted that the Shin Bert, the Israeli internal security service, did not open any dossier. Now the provocation is back, after a few days, with a new manifest.

This time, the text was found in the Beit Hanina neighborhood of Jerusalem, and it repeated the intimidation already expressed before, announcing the expulsion of all Christians from the Holy City by the end of Ramadan. In the messages, Christians are called “agents of Israel” and threats have been addressed even to the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.

It is very difficult to understand which the boundary between the real threat and propaganda is. And if we give for good the second hypothesis, it is difficult also to understand whether it is jihadist or comes from the inside, made by someone who – as also the government of the Palestinian Authority said – “try to damage the unity of the people and to foment the conflict in the Holy City”.

Yes, because in addition to the horrors of beheadings, we still have to understand how much active the fundamentalist proselytism is, which has already made extensive use of videos shot with Hollywood techniques, of more or less credible anathemas on Rome and its palaces, as well as footage of the destruction of monuments raging on inert ancient stones; all this looking for the highest expectation and media coverage. The “holy war” of the Caliphate proceeds on parallel tracks, then, and this, from a global point of view, makes it even more dangerous.

But someone would profit from the fear induced by ISIS, for political or economic interests. In this chaos, with fear spreading everywhere and harboring religious intolerance, the reactions of the Church of Jerusalem and of the Muslims are particularly significant. Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, and the Archbishop of Sebastia Theodosios of the greek-orthodox patriarchate said they do not feel “the pressure of these fanatical groups, but certainly the episode has caused concern among some of the Christians”. The same was stated by local Muslim authorities, who were quick to condemn the threats – as reported by Father Raed – and pointed out that “they will be the first to defend their Christian brothers”.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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