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They made the rehearsals in Palmira. The Isis blew up two ancient mausoleums near the Roman archaeological site in Syria, saying it had destroyed “a symbol of polytheism”. Some have seen the “usual” destructive gesture, the blind violence that strikes on the symbols as well as on people. But it could be something more disturbing: a test to calibrate where and how much explosive is to be placed to cause the implosion of a great monument.

That the Caliphate has the West in its sight is a matter of fact, as it is now ascertained that the terrorists make use of the media, sometimes calibrating their actions according to the impact on communication rather than to the ferocity of execution.

That’s why the alarm is getting higher for the Jubilee. But there is a plan anti-jihadists. Because there are several possible targets in a Rome invaded by Christian pilgrims: schools, monuments, railway stations, institutional sites, embassies and even shopping malls.

For this emergency, strategies have been studied for each of these sensitive targets in the case of attack, as the ANSA learns from a document. Police and Interior Ministry have composed the risiko movements within the capital after the events in Tunisia, in Paris, the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the constant threats against Italy. The emergency program was developed after months of work: one of the hundreds of sensitive points of the city has a dedicated file that contains a precise order with a ‘gear’, and the entry into force field of order and rescue workers, ready to shoot the instant of the attack and defend.

Among the most impressive and significant ones, the attack on St. Peter or on the Colosseum. The plan for the Flavian Amphiteatre is an example: within kilometres from the point of any attack, the area is made safe and isolated, with the participation of NOCs, Digos, firefighters, civil defence and ambulances ready to move between the so-called ‘hot spots’ and ‘warm zone’. Especially in the event of the outbreak of a bomb, the first to reach the epicenter of the attack are the nuclei CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) fire. The anti-terrorism departments surround the area and ambulances remain in the tepid to start the means. Fori Imperiali are placed a mobile operating room and an area for medical help any wounded. The Circus Maximus the air ambulance lands. Fori Imperiali Via San Giovanni in Laterano, the Arch of Constantine and the other side of the park of Colle Oppio, delimit the hot zone and the lukewarm. The emergency vehicles, crammed into a specific point, they are ready to transport any wounded to the nearest Hospital San Giovanni and, subsequently, in other facilities.

In a possible attack to St. Peter’s Square, or within the Vatican area, the area will be bounded from the Piazza and from Bernini’s colonnade. In the squares adjacent land and air ambulance helicopter ready to take off, in addition to those already flying. Reference hospital, in this case, is the Santo Spirito. The air ambulance takes off and land off John XXIII and emergency vehicles in Via della Conciliazione, the operations room mobile near the colonnade. All plans require a reversal of the road system throughout the city to allow police, firefighters, ambulances and other rescue vehicles to reach the areas. A machine that turns on and changes completely according to the place of the attack, to limit the damage and prevent massacres and bloodshed in the name of jihad.

This is the plan of reaction, but it is clear that prevention remains the real weapon: without forgetting the protection of water supplies that serve the entire capital: an escalation in this sense cannot be excluded, and therefore we must prepare countermoves in this sense.
Going back to the most likely targets, the circle is thus surrounded on St. Peter’s and the Colosseum. The first because, though guarded, is what would provide the greatest number of victims and rebound media; the Colosseum is the alternative, that even without the blood flow that the Caliphate would still want a huge media impact. And it is easier to reach. The intelligence is on, now we must not lower our guard.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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