The wall is back

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Europe’s hypocrisy is a matter of fact. On the one hand, the evidence of dismay when the sea returns hundreds of bodies of migrants, the dark faces at the funerals, the general statements on the fact that “such tragedies should not happen again”. On the other, the absolute unwillingness to contribute financially and substantially to the program of rescue and reception of these desperate people fleeing from the horror, no policy of intervention in the Arab countries from which they come.

But despite these signals, there was still the feeling that the problem was really perceived as a global problem, and not as something that Italy had to solve on its own. There seemed to be, in short, the perception that before governments there were people, migrants, their stories. It seemed that politics was traveling on its usual path, made of slowness and cumbersome, but that the world powers were aware of the urgency to save other human beings from their dramas.

This was true until the troubles did not arrive at the gates of the other European partners. At that moment, all the stars of the flag of Brussels faded away. No more union, nor sharing or mutual aid. No more international and humanitarian cooperation.

France has deployed the police forces along the border, England has raised barriers, which recall the Berlin Wall. Their example will be the cynosure for future decisions of other local governments, all aimed to protect…the indefensible. Because the strength of despair cannot be stopped with a horse of Friesland, especially if behind those dramas there are more and more people. Even if we are striving to divide it into sectors, the planet is just one, and the only way to live a healthy life is making others living better. Pope Francis talked about it in his encyclical, making it clear that the health of the Earth and that of its inhabitants are closely related, we must create the conditions for a decent life everywhere. Unfortunately what is coming back is the domineering philosophy of Nimby (“Not in my backyard”), marginalizing the solidarity to interventions that do not commit people and nations personally.

The solutions suggested by our leaders are never virtuous, but increasingly constrictive. They raise taxes squeezing families of the countries that are already in crisis, slams the door on immigrants who try to imagine a future life. They stop themselves. With this system it is impossible to think of a future development, especially a fair development. (Not) to solve the problems they always rage against the weakest ones, the last ones, those who suffer and are in difficulty.

Europe is dismantling piece by piece the values on which it was founded, and – it is no coincidence – at the same time it is collapsing. More generally, with the excuse to vindicate the rights of the individual, the sight of the common good is getting lost. In each sector. But beware, because indifference and arrogance are only the edges of a boomerang that will come back. And it will hurt.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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