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Most people think that prostitutes are those working the streets. The darkest nights of the many very young women abused, exploited, tortured, abused, commercialized, raped and often killed on the streets. Actually, the real prostitution is something else. For those who pretend not to know it, the real bitches are certainly not the ones you see on the streets and in brothels, but rather those who prostitute themselves “proudly” for loads of money with those VIPs whose salaries come from our maxi taxes. They are elegantly called “ladies” or directly “escort” or women who accompany their customer tired of loneliness. Then, cocaine will do the rest.

There are perverse circuits in many sectors of society, including the most unimaginable ones, that show exactly what it means to be a “whore”. The term may still be offensive especially if prejudicially attributed to those women who were once defined as women of loose morals. But today this word is much more used to indicate many other types of prostitution.

In the top ten of the most obvious forms of prostitution, nowadays, it cannot miss almost the whole politics. Nobody sells and sells out himself more frequently and shamelessly than an elected. Representatives who are weighing on the shoulders of a people helpless and defeated. Corruption is also another form of unbearable commercialization that is permeating the public good.

How not to mention among the most skilled and sophisticated ways of prostituting a journalism made up of true peripatetic – to use a sophisticated term well-accepted by the category – always ready to satisfy the needs of his master even when the price is unjust, reprehensible, unhealthy and devastating.

But “if Athens cries, Sparta doesn’t laugh”. Even in the Church, as well as in other religious contexts in fact, there are personalities who present themselves as able to achieve anything thanks to their skills and performance. Debasing their role and selling out their souls.

This mentality of selling out to the highest bidder is legitimized and promoted not only by men but also by women themselves. There are even wives who justify the deviations of their husbands and mothers who start their daughters to the sale of their body. In the sores of this wounded society we can see teenagers in schools offering their body with ease, even just to get in return a phone recharge. Body becomes an object. And so they simply respond to their needs and pleasures, pouring out their animal instinct. And the business of pornography gives thanks!

The physical relationships are therefore considered just a modality that has now completely lost its sacredness. Instead, sex is the most intimate experience, and it represents the pinnacle of love. Because of this irrepressible form of selfishness, man has always failed, disappointed, betrayed, killed the most important relationships. Street girls, the ones that are accepted in the family houses, the exploited and enslaved ones, subject to humiliation and abuse, actually have never managed anything of their own existence.

There is a multitude of clean and honest people who are always close and available to those who hurt, as well as extraordinary families and young people who are invaluable in their everyday simplicity.

There are those who get up every morning knowing what they are to sell and at what price; maybe they should find the courage to look better themselves in the mirror to see the faces of the real whores.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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