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“We are digging out all the weapons that we hid in our gardens at the end of the 1992’s war.” This testimony comes from Transnistria, a strip of land which became a state de facto after the Moldova’s self-proclaimed independence. It is not an institutional dispatch, but an email from ordinary people who are getting ready, smelling the war out.

Another scenery, another message: “Conventional forms of maritime war are coming back… In the Mediterranean, there are Indian and Chinese ships, and Russia has started to place its submarines in the Mediterranean and in the North Sea”. This time the message comes from the highest authority of the Italian Navy, the Chief of Staff, Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, during the hearing at the European Shengen. A slap to those who have always underestimated the issue.

Europe is therefore not only shaken by economic fibrillation, but in the four corners of the Old Continent soldiers and weapons are getting ready in view of an increasingly likely war escalation.

Distracted by the Isis’ horrors, for a while the international press has not been following the Ukrainian situation with the proper attention. Yet the trigger for a possible conflict between Europe, America and Russia comes right from the East. No coincidence that the secretary of NATO, Stoltenberg, while claiming not to see “an immediate threat from the East”, noted that “the large-scale rearmament of the Russian army, the execution of military exercises with no notice from Moscow, Russia’s retirement from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, and the situation around the Treaty on the elimination of medium and short-range missiles” constitute an obstacle to dialogue and rapprochement.

Exactly Transnistria could become the casus belli in the near future. That stripe of border with Moldova, in fact, could be used by Putin to move Russian troops through the Crimea and to conquer the southern part of Ukraine; the Kiev government in fact would be at that point caught between the separatists of the northeast and the attack from the south.

Something that could happen only moving troops and tanks. Therefore, Americans seem to be preparing a counter move, with the aim of suppressing the Transnistria. The plan seems to have been drawn up by the secret services with the participation of the Ukrainians, Moldovans and Romanians military departments.

After all – as reported by the website – some correspondences between the Hungarian-born billionaire financier George Soros and President of Ukraine Poroshenko seem to have been bugged, in which they talked about alleged Minsk regime’s violations of the agreements on the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the boundary line between the factions in the conflict zone.

So, while in the East people are getting ready for the day of reckoning, Russian submarines are appearing again in the Mediterranean sea. The reporting of Admiral De Giorgi has a duplicate value, a strictly military one, and a political one. The latter could be seen as an alarm to prevent the reduction of investments in the Navy, which would lead to a weakening of the naval force; it is clear that if the threat in the Mare Nostrum was considered, in the famous “dual use” of the Navy, the military use would be resumed, after having been “sacrificed” to the humanitarian one for the migrants’ emergency.

There is no doubt that Russia intends – in a global scenario – to have control over the Tyrrhenian area. It is proved also by the opening towards Greece, with a possible agreement on a new line of gas pipelines. And in this context it is not strange to see even Chinese or Indian ships in those seas that are and will be commercially important.

The immediate risk – in part already actualized – is that of a return to the Cold War. Instead, the most disastrous hypothesis is that of a real conflict. And in this sense the alarm raised by De Giorgi is particularly sinister. Speaking of rescue operations for migrants, he said that these take place in a climate where the ‘”use of force is imminent or immanent.”

The fall of the Ukrainian situation could be the fuse that will make everything else blow up. With Europe engaged in new conflicts and an America confrontation with Russia, the Caliphate would definitely take advantage of it to explode its strength over the Middle East. At this point, the hypothesis of a World War III – repeatedly evoked by a concerning Pope Francis – would finally become reality.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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