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Two million euro to be returned to the State for illicitly received salaries. A maxi refund that already would be news. But there is more, much more. Money is calculated for unjust enrichment due to 24 years of job carried out irregularly. But not a simple kind of job. We are talking about a doctor, working in an hospital, who gained advancement in the shadow of false documents and deceptive claims. Twenty-four years of analysis, visits, meetings with patients…Too bad that the one who talked with them, was a doctor only in wearing a white over-all.

We live in the third millennium, but what happens in reality is very similar to what Totò did, when, in a comic fiction, pretended to sell the Trevi Fountain to naïve and wealthy American tourists. But this time there is nothing to laugh about, because beyond the doctor who allegedly masterminded the scam, the problem is how it was possible to allow him to practice for so many years, to gain advancement, before someone noticed the crime.

Yet, it was all written down in black and white. First by the ordinary courts and then by the Court of Auditors, judgment 107/2015, June 22, which condemned the swindler with a fake degree to compensate the ULSS n°5 West Vicentino the amount of 2,113,606.06 euro, to be precise.

Let me tell you what happened. The Venetian judges accused the executive head of the laboratory at the Hospital of Valdagno – now dismissed – of having “practiced unduly as a doctor for 24 years, without being graduated and subsequently authorized and registered on the Medical Association of Vicenza, and so of having falsified his degree, the title of professional qualification and his membership to the Order of Doctors”.

He has been compiling a series of documents, together with a curriculum (obviously invented), several times over the years, not only for the first hiring, but also for every career passage. Over the years no one ever thought to check if those documents were true. A slap to the slightest concept of diligence of  the “family’s good father”.

And here begins the great debate on the Italian bureaucracy, on its inefficiency and slowness. Official documents, photocopies, stamps, etc, to attest…nothing. An effective interconnection of “databases” could help to control the curriculum of a professional directly in digital format with links directed to the databases of the original University, Government Offices, Hospitals.

Instead, we keep clinging to the paper – moreover, a not very ecological solution – to have an illusory control of what is lawful or not. With the result that no one verifies those mountains of paperwork, and so it happens that even for 24 years we leave the health of thousands of patients in the hands of a braggart.

Now the health authority asks the fake doctor’s salaries back. But who will recoup all those people for having asked a fake doctor for treatments, just inside the hospital?

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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