The State and the Church, what a poor figure

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“Sheep without shepherds” – citizens without representatives. A lot of people took to the streets on June 20. It is the first time that a people moves alone to defend the future of humanity: children.

If anyone else had achieved such a feat, the media would be triggered for several days giving the news. But this time who fought were people driven by a deep conviction on values and principles. Themes unloved by the world of communication.

Almost all national TV until the very last moment have tried to avoid the news. But the boycott has completely failed, this time the famous “owls” have not worked. The crowd prevented the deafening silence now noisier than a live broadcast.

A mass participation organized in a short time, without the support of the politics, without the blessing of the CEI, without the support of all the lay movements, with the media blocked.

Yet Italians has proven not to be disinterested in defending the fundamental values of their society; a country made up of families who, when they feel attacked in the foundations of their rights, know how to make their voices be heard. Although – it must be said – to vindicate the importance of values in the beautiful country the Spanish Kiko Arguello was needed.

I wonder if anyone has realised that the crowd could be part of that 50% of Italians who no longer vote. Italians who unexpectedly appeared, leaving pollsters and government officials stunned.

Providentially this aggregation of people might help the premier stop the process of new laws on sensitive issues. Collecting further malcontent would be politically self-defeating.

A law that protects same-sex cohabiting is legitimate, giving legal rights, against all discrimination of sexual nature (a concept which is already explicit in art. 3 of the Constitution); but Family is something else.

The error of certain lobbies that advocated the theory of gender, was to use language to its extreme. A choice that is counterproductive to the goals that they fixed. From treating the issues on civil rights, they have come to talk about marriage and adoptions. Distinguishing the concept of family between the traditional one and something else. This position has not been rewarding.

The exasperated tones – on the one hand and on the other – highlight the inability to communicate. Everyone is firm on his own position. A modus operandi which is common at all levels.

That is why families have been left alone in a demonstration which was very popular, but not really institutional. Well, let’s face it, the State and the Church have not made a good impression…

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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