The xenophobic demagogy

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How many whitened tombs roam our Italy. Windbags who speak to the belly of the people for a handful of votes, in Italy and in Europe. Fake prophets of pseudo-Christians ideologies without culture who appeal to Christ only for advocating crusades against him. In the latest months, days, we have been looking at this propaganda against migrants who are flocking to our shores seeking a future, at long speeches spiced up by a series of hypocrisies which unfortunately are given space by a too often clumsy and superficial printing which acts as a megaphone. Recently, so many statements have been recorded that we could publish an encyclopedia. From the risk of an outbreak of scabies, contact disease treatable with a simple ointment, to the frontal attack against Pope Francis. They call themselves Christians, but they forgot the dogma of papal infallibility and of the loyalty to him.

First things first. The “xenophobic” demagogy of Third Millennium has all the solutions ready to resolve the emergency, unless it will decline them one after another given the practical impossibility of implementing them. They started suggesting the “blockade” in front of the Libyan coast which was difficult to implement since then boats full of innocents on board would have been hit. Then the refugee camps in Libya, a country known to be well structured with a legitimate government which operates in an orderly and transparent way. Not really. There are an ongoing conflict, two governments, a hundred militia and a Caliphate in Derma affiliated to ISIS. Plus a boundless desert which is no man’s land. Who builds the camps for refugees? And who controls them? Then we passed to the repatriations as at the time of the Minister Maroni. What a pity that repatriations are not cost-free. Each illegal immigrant expelled, where there are agreements with his country of origin, costs between 2 and 3 thousand euro. The temporary reception, instead, costs much less. Agreements were also made in the Nineties by the then Home Secretary Napolitano. Agreements that costed because their countries of origin wanted something in turn. The last agreement signed by Maroni with Tunisia talks about twenty million infrastructures to build in Tunisia at the expense of Italy as well as various investments. Not for free at all. Lately, an agreement of this type was signed with Macedonia. The negotiations lasted for six years and it is not known yet how much Italy will have to pay for every Macedonian to be sent back home.

Even more. Some people asked “how many immigrants are hosted by the Vatican?”. It does not appear that politicians have ever hosted any Italian destitute. Now there is who screams, throwing rocks into the pond of fear, but over the past years the government did not seem to solve nothing but creating large Gipsy camps and distributing quotas of migrants in the cities with the invention of the “Pacts for safer cities”, that paved the way also to the shady deals revealed by the Mafia Capital investigation. The Treaty of Dublin that now obliges Italy to keep the migrants who arrive on our shores, was clearly not signed today …

It’s true, the Church could do more. Excommunicating the Pharisees who close the doors and raise the walls, for example. Opening convents, those still closed, also to migrants, as Pope Francis suggested. But how many parishes and Caritas centres there are, rushing to help migrants and hopeless with Italian passport!? They have always done so, and even in those crisis areas from where the desperate ones come. They do it because this is Gospel, my dear Crusaders on command.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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