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Pope Francis does not spare heavy broadsides against the powerful people of the world, against the lobbies, and the rulers. In his very first encyclical he criticizes even the Christians, who are not aware of how much we are mistreating our “mother earth”, citing the poor man of Assisi.

The preview of the text of the new encyclical “Laudato Sì” – that has come from someone inside the Vatican – has caused a kind of spy story, because of this characteristic of strong controversy about the current organization of society and the dominant hypocrisy. Published by the weekly L’Espresso, it immediately caused the suspension of the accreditation of the journalist Sandro Magister in the Vatican press office. At first glance, it might seem the “usual” journalistic scoop, made perhaps without hesitation in order to focus global attention on exclusive news, but the goal could be more sophisticated: to weaken the message of Bergoglio, providing crippled previews, triggering controversy that inevitably will be predominant in the media world, attenuating then the strength of the messages.

In short, a new Vatileaks – which might have been caused by conservative milieus – useful to stifle the words of the Holy Father, to mitigate the disruptive power of his accusations against the dominant governments and to tarnish the authority of the Head of the Church.

Because, even if what we read is only the draft version of the text, in fact, the views expressed in it are intended to affect the fate of the planet.

Starting from the desire for omnipotence of man, who, with the use of science, is destroying natural biodiversity trying to create another one which is artificial. The human environment and the natural one are degrading together.

“Brother” and “sister”, to refer to Saint Francis, do not represent a belief to despise as irrational romanticism, but the correct approach to creation. If all we felt part of a single family, we would not destroy the world and the man who lives there.

The culture of profit and the culture of waste are the accused ones. The former is full of hypocrisy when you beat your chest for the pains of the third world without having any intention of lifting a finger to change things: indeed, the environment – the Pope warns – is being completely exploited, without thinking about the consequences of this behavior, destroying entire ecosystems not taking into account the resulting tragedies suffered by those living in those areas of the world. The latter, consequent, marginalizes those who do not have economic power, used and thrown away when people or their territory are no longer profitable. This results in the proliferation of invisible migrants, those running away from the misery which is worsened by environmental degradation; desperate people who are not recognized by international conventions.

In the text, then, there is a strong call for action against the risk of privatization of water resources. A cry of alarm: water management will be one of the main causes of conflict of the century.

Speaking of resources, in the encyclical the Pope would stab at the hypocrisy on births, at that school of thought that instead of solving the problem of poverty – equitably redistributing resources – wants to limit the birth rate.

So, exploitation of existing resources, no respect for the human being, birth control politics which is bent to the interests of powerful countries. Several environments did not like these accusations, especially Americans, who think that behind these words there would be an interference on the international politics and on the economic relations between states.

We have never mistreated and insulted our common home – this would be the message of the encyclical – as we did in the past two centuries. With a policy that is subdued by the finance, with a strong short-sightedness toward the drama of corruption, with a rampant business and intolerable hiding behind the pretense of treating nature. The risk for humanity is not wanting to see: we are stuck in a superficial ecology, in a carefree irresponsibility. This evasive behavior is needed to maintain our lifestyle … until we will have one. Believers are being hit with a stick too, because denying the problem, ignoring it, with their convenient resignation and their blind faith in technical solutions, they are silent witnesses of this massacre.

The Church has no reason to propose a final word … but, after what transpired, we can assert one thing: the current world system is unbearable. And the powerful ones cannot omit their responsibilities. A slap to the megalomania with which the binomial money / power has built its own model of the world, which is threatening to destroy the one – the wonderful one – created by God.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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