Pontius Pilate’s migrants

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Children, women, and men. Everyday thousands of people run away from the most desperate countries, or are forced to run away, or are sold like beasts by slavers and other mafias. Now the codeword has been sent to all international crime: you have to make them run to the West, trail them mercilessly, board them by force, flog them to convince them to leave. These desperate people – defined migrants, insulted every day, despised even by those who pocket not little money – are indeed a gold mine, while Europe keeps watching helpless and unaware of the lethal weapon that this phenomenon will become when numbers will no longer be sustainable.

We cannot know how much EU leaders are really aware and interested in knowing what is going to happen in a short time. The reality is that millions of miserable people are being driven to the Old Continent in the hope of a reborn; but actually their fate will be very different and not so many people manage to reach the desired destination, provided that they have one!

Meanwhile chaos reigns supreme, riding the ignorance of politicians and playing into the hands of the mercenaries and of those who would like to see Europe divided even on this front. Allied countries but profoundly at odds over which policy to adopt, whether accepting or not the migrants.

Chaos then is keeping the rulers occupied, sheltered in their own spaces of power, not caring about the true etiological reality, that is to look primarily at the starting point and not just at the arrival. All prefer to wash their hands of it like Pontius Pilate, at most looking for fake assistance solutions which are unable to stop the indecipherable mass of desperate people on the run, like a sophisticated form of genocide. Barabbas, who run the human trafficking, are the ones enjoying this genocide.

Meanwhile, the world’s most powerful people meet each other taking pictures that would be good magazine covers, playing their celebrity showcase at the hypocrite Expo exhibition, but obviously they are not as “great” as to be able to face this tragedy, or they simply do not want to intervene in those countries from which the disaster comes.

We will know only partly of those killed by this trafficking, we are not being told everything, we will never know the cry and the agony of the women sold, raped and killed, followed by their little children.
The human trafficking is evolving in unimaginable ways, while someone insists on blocking the borders to a few dozens of exhausted people.

Many Italians are a true example of humanity and solidarity, even the Catholic Church is in the forefront to welcome and help … There is a lot that is good in our country, but it is not said … Quite the contrary!

A group of refugees is left abandoned on the rocks for days, as if that were not enough what these people suffered to get to the French border, who knows, maybe wishing to meet some loved one.

This is an inconceivable shame for a country – France – which defines itself multiethnic, while this time civility and hospitality are twenty miles away from it.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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