They fall from the sky, not off their chair

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“It is unbeknownst to me” – one of the most common phrases used by our current politicians. From Scajola’s house overlooking the Colosseum, to the regional funds (in the north, center or in the south, it makes no difference) which are squandered for private activities, and still to the rigged contracts included in the investigation into Mafia Capital – the Italian politicians – from right to left, equality has never been so respected … – escape, philosophize, and, paraphrasing the great Socrates, know that they know nothing.

Everybody fall from the sky when you ask them what is happening; when you ask of the alleged robbery, of the dangerous liaisons with ambiguous exponents, of the money that passed right under their nose. But no one ditches his chair, hiding himself behind an “I did not know” like Marino, or “none of my group was involved” like Zingaretti. But I am not talking about the Democratic Party, because – as I already said – this is a communal vice.

One would rather wonder what kind of politics our politicians have in mind. Because if politics means to better manage public money, you have to put in the bill also the control over what happens, reporting not only formally but also substantially how money is spent. And if criminal responsibility is personal – and therefore it is right that in the courtrooms there are only those who are accused of having “stolen” – political responsibility, instead, is general.

And politics, interpreted as membership to political parties, should seize these opportunities – by now wearily repetitive and disquieting at the same time – to step back and regenerate.
It is not just a matter of elections – which would also be the inevitable consequence of the formal resignation – but it is about reconstructing an image that has become blurred, a credibility that has vanished.

The last regional elections in Italy showed an abstaining party increasingly dense. And if people no longer want to vote, one of the reasons is the lack of responsibility in those who govern. At all levels, and whatever “colour” they represent.

It is no longer acceptable that those in command, as soon as they have to make decisions, they wash their hands of it. History already had its Pilate, and he made not a good impression …

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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