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The silent people has decided to scream, not against homosexuals, not against the natural rights of every man, but in favor of the family and its fundamental role in raising children. Thousands of parents and citizens are ready to take to the streets on June 20 in San Giovanni, Rome, to put a stop to the dictatorship of gender, because the natural institution of the family – more and more wounded and mistreated because it is wrongly considered retrograde and bigoted – must see recognized and promoted its irreplaceable social role. Too many are the ones who cannot let the LGBT lobby – who represents a minority – to spread anti-scientific theories, that would indoctrinate children and confuse their psycho-affective development. The Committee “We must defend our children” – that is giving voice to the protest – does not want to represent a working table, nor a moment of deep reflection on the changes in our society, but – according to the spokesman Massimo Gandolfini – a “purpose committee”, which comes from an emergency: starting from today the bill Cirinnà will be discussed in the Parliament. The bill is the culmination of these theories, and it even talks about the legitimacy of the womb for rent.

Gender: always more frequently we hear about it on TV, radio, in the corridors of power, where politicians are deciding whether or not adding it in the educational system as a compulsory subject. It always more seems that our country and the entire Europe is willing to adhere to these theories, considered liberating for “a humanity that for centuries has been living in a cage”. This is what media are saying, but, on the other hand, there is this – until now – silent majority, that does not think so. These people think to have the right to educate their children according to what they consider the most appropriate values; they believe in the scientific diversity and in the biological sex, which cannot be intended freely. Italian families perceive clearly that “Gender” leads the innocence of children astray, misting the eyes of adults with a false myth of freedom. It is unacceptable that the very foundation of the family, as recognized by the Constitution, is called into question by such ideologies, which are ready to sacrifice the natural right of children to grow up with a Mom and a Dad.

 The demonstration will take place in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, on June 20. It is an ambitious challenge, almost daring, organized in very little time, but that comes from a profound necessity. Paola Binetti, UDC, has talked during the press conference for the presentation of the event. She has expressed her favourable opinion and has invited the organizers to provide more space to the citizens. She has also encouraged political forces: politicians have to be aware and alerted.

 “We must defend our children” is a non-party and non-denominational movement, made up of free citizens. In fact, it is wrong to think that they are linked to the Catholic Church, even if it really supports them. Islamic, sic, followers of the evangelical church, and orthodox will take part to the demonstration: it seems that the world is able to overcome religious differences in the name of children rights. There has been little response instead by the secular associations, but Gandolfini says, “the invitation was open and did not presuppose any answer, especially the movement did not want to be tied to specific groups”, then it is hoped that individuals with their families will embrace this reflection acting accordingly – putting words into action: all to the streets to say “no” to gender in schools.


Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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