SHIPWRECK IN CHINA, RESEARCHES ONGOING AMONG PROTESTS Families of missing people are asking to clarify what happened and to give them all the information

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Death toll rose to 65 victims of the shipwreck of the cruise ship than sank on Tuesday night in the River Yangtze, in the south of China. Onboard there were 456 people, at the moment 377 are missing and there are just 14 survivors. Rescue squads are still working hoping to find people alive.

Families are starting questioning the security of the ship and are asking the government to share information about what happened to their loved ones. This is why they protested near the place where the ship sank, tens of people broke the police line. A group of relatives protested in Shangai, where there is the headquarter of the tour operator.

Relatives are starting having doubts about the shipwreck; they are asking how it is possible for a cruise ship to sing that fast, and above all, why no one gave the alarm. The cause of the sinking is not clear yet, survivors said there was a storm, which overturned the ship in a few minutes.

Chinese media confirmed that 65 corpses have been found. There are 14 survivors, but no one was taken out alive since the rescuers started working on June 2nd. However, even through the heavy rains, rescuers are still searching missing people, they have made a hole into the ship to search inside.

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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