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Italians believing in the value of the family will take to the streets in protest against the law for civil unions, the one that bears the name of Senator Cirinnà; Renzi and the Democratic Party are willing to make this bill become a law by the summer. Time is running out, and the Church with its people decided not to keep silent. They want to unmask the basic misunderstanding inherent in this bill.

Oh yes, because beyond what you want to believe, no one wants to prevent the recognition of individual rights, of self-determination, and of the choice of the couple. It is misleading to define the question as “homophobic” and “racist” – as too often happens. The point is in fact another, and that is to assimilate the concept of family into any type of union.

There is the will to call marriage and family something that is not – something that is not based on the union of a man and a woman in order to procreate. It is not just a matter of faith, but of science. The union of a man and a woman are fundamental for the creation of a nucleus that would give the human his survival; and the difference between the two represents an enrichment useful and necessary for the psychological development of the child. It is exactly by observing the diversity that we become aware of our uniqueness.

Therefore, the linguistic battle underway is wrong. It is wrong also in respect to the purpose that the promoters want to achieve, that is equality before the law. This does not mean to form a family, in its deepest meaning. “The family – said Pope Francis – is the fundamental cell of human society. In the beginning, God blessed the man and the woman so that they might be fruitful and might increase in number. And so the family represents the reflection of God, One in Three”.

As anticipated by Askanews, the “Family Day” will be on June 20, in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome. It will be a great opportunity to say “no” to a law that allows the legalization of family ties between men and women outside of marriage. Rights for all people, but Family is something else.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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