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donaldo-150x150Corruption is one of the most debated subject of these years. Everything concerning in is big news. It seems difficult to find a spot without this corruption that is now able to surprise only good people. Everyone proclaims himself innocent in front of accusers and is arrogant enough to still try and take over public institutions.

The arrogance of proclaiming oneself innocent is obvious in such a contaminated country and it becomes necessary when competing in “who is the most corrupted one?”. This is a global problem and news arrive all the time. The characteristic of corrupted people is the inability to take a step back. Power became a chronic disease, it is impossible to cure and contagious. It spreads as no other virus and it makes the infected person ridiculous, inhuman, merciless, liar and deeply lonely.

Corruption is taught in schools, where many teachers do not teach culture and deisere to know and research to their pupils, they teach them to be carrier-centered and envious of their colleagues. There are also some students who pity their teachers because they tell their pupils about their private lives. There are people fighting to get something that will never make them happy. People with great abilities who are involved in poor business and fall into drugs and search of money.

Corruption makes truth dirty in so called Courts of Justice. Corrupters are not only able to take someone’s money, they can also destroy truth making this world sadder because of its untruthfulness.

This stubborn people produce personal and social failures, they deceive population playing with public affairs and abusing their position although they may end up in prison. There is no moral, sometimes also in the Church and religious places that provoke crimes in the name of God. People ask others to make enormous sacrifices but to not bear any sacrifice.

Meanwhile thousand of men, women and children are left drowning at sea, they are left to be tortured by a country where there are no interests or profits and where dictatorship excuses every violation of human rights. Don Benzi used to said that there are many people “stealing against the law and then there are too many making laws to steal”. He was right … but this is no news anymore, a shameful aberration became normality. People got worse.

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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