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Silently they stand with a book in their hands. They are crowding Italian squares and curious pedestrians stare at them. They are the Sentinelle in Piedi (Standing Sentinels), a group of resistance composed by people watching over society and denouncing whoever tries to destroy humanhood and civilization. They meet in the city centers to awake people awareness facing single-minded society, they stand for freedom of expression and to protect traditional families based on a man and a woman. They stand in silence, two meters from one another. They state that it is not possible to keep silent the consciences of those who have their eyes open.

Their protest has no words because there is nothing as silence when it comes to making the voice of conscience rise, which is muted by powers trying to lessen the need for truth. They keep reading one book for one hour because they want to stop and think in a society that proceeds at a speed that does not allow people to do so.

They chose not to speak to journalists, they do not look for visibility in talk-show. What they have is a friendship of laymen sharing objective goods. They are often criticized, groups of people meet to insult, taunt, offend and provoke them. On May 23rd, in San Silvestro Square (Rome), about twenty young LGBT activists marched in whistling and singing. As the Sentinels arrived in the square they were attacked by a violent group of people having nothing to do with the Sentinels. This is a slap to freedom of expression. Officers arrived immediately.

Activists stayed in the square singing anti-homophobia slogans, they affirm that the Sentinels’ silence is homophobia and they shout out loud “These people who think only men and women are okay have got to our nerves” and they insulted authorities as well. What happened in Rome happened in other squares too. Sentinels responded with their silent presence. On their website it is possible to read that their only enemy is a culture wanting to respond to the hearts’ desires with ready-made evanescent emotions.

Homosexuals are not enemies. LGBT often claim the right to speak for every homosexual person without considering that many of them are against rights based on emotions and sexual attractions.

Some of the Sentinels think that “the difference between heterosexual and homosexual people is a lie created to respond to the pain of entire generations who cannot recognize themselves as men and women. There is just one world ad one nature, the human one. The only real difference in this nature is the one between male and female. The only difference is that their union generates life.”

This is not homophobia. “Saying two homosexuals cannot have kids is not homophobia” says a homosexual reader in a letter “I am tired of gay associations speaking about what they think I should think”. It is not necessary to be Catholic or to be part of some political party to “support truth. It is enough having some good sense and recognizing that you cannot change the nature of something by simply changing its name, or give the same name to different thinks. We cannot turn our gazed somewhere else anymore”.

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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