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There is a submerged world spreading and making unexpected icebergs emerge showing off in incredible scenarios, we are talking about occultism. The main author of this obscure and infernal reality is the Devil. The name Satan comes from the Jewish word Satan meaning, “the one who is adverse”, “against, “the oppose”. It is different from the Greek word diablos, which means “the one who defames”, the symbol of division and chaos. In Ancient Persian, the word daimonion (Greek word for divinity) was called Daiva, the deceiver and pseud, the one against Asa, god of order and justice.

In the third millennium B.C., in Ancient Egypt, these two figures appear, the first two “adversaries”. They were hidden demons and the Egyptians feared them so much that they started “dark magic”. This kind of magic has always had as its “patron” one of the most famous demons: Seth, and other famous demons such as Kingu, Asag, Pazuzu, Ecate, Pan e Strix.

Hence, this cults and worships started spreading among the population as well as the Mesopotamian mythologies about the first demons, dark magic and wizardry. According to historic sources of the second millennium B.C., magic was used to harm enemies. The Mesopotamian code of Hammurabi is a precious example of how the community wanted to prevent people from using magic through enormous penalties.

Occultism and magic were very frequent in Ancient Rome. The first source is the Law of Twelve Tables that punished anyone using dark magic or performing spells to take possession of others’ things. Jinxes were called fascinum, and they were widely used; priests started using “powerful” talismans to defend themselves. The population desired these amulets because they needed more than just rituals.

In the New and Old Testament, Satan is presented as the main enemy of men because he envies their happiness. He is intelligent and pseud since the very beginning, he is slithering as the ancient serpent and he knows he will never be as God; he challenges Him and His Son, Jesus. This fight will end as the Apocalypse will bring him to death.

Satan, in the New Testament, is the ‘already beaten’ enemy, reigning the world without God. He is the “disobedient” one, who wants to rule a world that is in contraposition with the one of Christ. Satan is the anti-Christ, the great provocateur that wants to pull manhood to Hell. He seduces and harasses man through personification and possession, and he provokes human kind in every way possible leading the way to Satanism.

Works and projects of the Devil – the prince and beginning of occultism, the symbol of evil, the source of occultism – spread death-centered cultures and systems that are totally ignored. Hence, thanks to the incredulity of the majority of people, occultism seems to grow bigger, it raises from Hell to capture the souls of unaware people.

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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