JAPAN – A 5.6 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE SHOOK THE COUNTRY Luckily, no damages or injuries have been reported, thanks to the Japanese seismic precautions

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A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck Japan at about 2:28pm local time. The quake was centered in Saitama Prefecture, 80km from Tokyo. The highest intensity of the earthquake was 5 menus – to better understand the intensity of the earthquake, the Japanese seismic intensity scale is a 0-7 scale. Fortunately, no tsunami warnings have been issued, because the epicentre was inside the territory, and given the high seismic risk of the area and the related precautions taken over the years, no damages or injuries have been reported. Anyway the earthquake intensely shook Tokyo buildings, setting off alarms and halting the city’s subway system.

So nothing to do with the violent earthquake of 2011, the strongest ever recorded in the country since the existence of seismic measurements. At the time 378 dead and 584 missing people were reported, as well as about a thousand wounded. Even then, there were not many collapses, thanks to earthquake-resistant buildings compulsory throughout Japan, and most of the victims were caused by the tsunami.

Only on Sendai beach 300 corpses were found. The huge wave swept a ship with a hundred passengers, after having put off the scent of four trains that were running near the square hit by the wave.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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