The National Lottery of annuities

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No, this isn’t a country for the old, but neither for the young. This Italy of pensions, seems ever more the land of a clumsy Robin Hood who on the contrary steals from the poor to give to the privileged.

Our young people have already long given up on receiving a pension, what with record high unemployment, precarious contracts and the end of the fixed jobs renamed ‘jobs act’ (American style, though without the subsidies of the unemployed Americans). But even those who have paid for it for a lifetime, will have to give up on it, and this is truly diabolical.

The sentence of the Constitutional Court that ruled out Fornero’s pension law as being illegitimate and that what had been unlawfully subtracted must be given back. In all: about 18 billion. The word of the court is not a suggestion for purchases and not even a hint. It is the law in its highest expression. It cannot be bypassed or interpreted, it just must be applied. Renzi has made a mistake announcing to return only 2 billion una tantum-because he’s going to take the responsability of subtracting from the other 16. And he made a mistake in calling it a bonus because everyone understood ‘malus’.

It is quite clear, it is not the Constitutional court to have tricked the government. The fault lies with the former premier Monti and all of the coalitions here and there thatvoted Fornero’s law, one of the most unfair measures of all times. A monstrous act he cried out since the beginning, starting with the Minister whose pronunciation of the word “sacrifices” brought on floods of tears at the press conference. Soon after however, the nearly 350 thousand obliged retirées, began to shed tears too, partly because without a job and without a pension. Then those who remained at work a few years longer, and retirées whose pensions have not been adjusted because blocked through the so-called indexation system. A law that has sparked off a war between “good” retirees and pensioner “villains”, as if having a pension of more than 1200 euros was a crime and not a right acquired through a lifetime of work. All this with the votes of those who are indignant today, including Renzi followers.

The same members who have failed to shrink their salaries despite an expert committee had been engaged on solving the issue. Those who fail to give up one of the most insulting privileges of caste: annuities. A cross between the “national lottery” and “misappropriation” that should only be abolished.

In Italy there are over 10 million poor people, six million below the breadline. Who is going to explain to these people that it is enough for their representative to sit even a single day in Parliament, pour 4 years of pension contributions and collect with no age limit and no-limit of condemnation, a lifetime pension from 3/5 000 euros per month paid by the taxpayer?

It was clearly understood by the head of State, the President of the Republic, Mattarella who having taken office, gave up his only annuity received from the public administration as university professor. Others take example, immediately. It is not demagogy. It is the exasperation of a nation that annot puòò the strap anymore because it risks not being able to breathe oxygen anymore, while its rulers are feasting with champagne.

Of course, the 220 million that the State throws away every year on annuities will not be enough to cover the damage done by Fornero. But the money is there: in the Cottarelli’s spending review inexplicably rejected, at least 15 billion have been spent for useless purchase of fighter F35 that don’t even work, other 12 billion; then other military spending in various wars where we continue sending troops; and the many unnecessary public works likeTav, third Pass or the high-speed underground in Florence, which devastates the landscape and makes the ‘clan’ richer. The list would be long. We need to see if there is the political will to really change. Without ashtag, or from Twitter.


Traslation by Marina Stronati

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