TENSIONS BETWEEN UKRAINE AND RUSSIA, KIEV WANTS AN ANTI-MISSILE SHIELD The United States: "all elements in Nato territory. Missile defenses are not pointed towards Russia, but against threats in the Middle East "

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Kiev wants a missile shield to defend against threats by Moscow. The Ukraine “is rebuilding our missile shield, to defend itself from aggression from Russia,” said Olexsander “, head of the National Security Council and Defense of Ukraine, in an interview published by the Kiev news agency Ukrinform. “He emphasized the need to strengthen Ukraine’s defences through” political, economic and military measures  “and turned to” all countries asking their “help in order to efendi Kiev against the potential nuclear threat  posed by Moscow  through” systemic interactions and coordination “. Turchynov, has not made clear what it is the Ukraine expects from the west, but the United States have already anticipated their requests saying: “There are no offers or plans to deploy defense systems with ballistic missiles by Nato or the United States in Ukraine, said the spokesman for the US State Department, Marie Harf-all existing and planned items are in Nato territory. And, of course, Nato missile defenses are not pointed towards Russia, but against threats from the Middle East”.

For the Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, if in the Ukraine American missiles had to be deployed “that could be considered negative only”. “The deployment of missile defensives in Ukraine would lead Russia to take countermeasures,” said Peskov. At the time of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian territory had the third world nuclear arsenal but, upon reaching independence, Kiev had dismantled it in exchange for security guarantees from Russia and the West,  which was sanctioned in the memorandum agreed in  Budapest in1994.  Several Ukrainian commentators argue that if the country had retained its arsenal, Moscow would not have annexed Crimea nor supported the separatists in the east of the country.


Traslation by Marina Stronati

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