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A real and proper tsunami is sweeping over Angelino Alfano these hours following the arrestin Gaggiano (Milano) of Abdel Majid Tan (alias Abdallah) 22year old Moroccan, auther of the killings at the Bardo Museum in Tunis on 18th March this year, where 24 people were killed including 4 Italians. The man was supposed toh ave come on a boat to Italy and this, according to the opposition, sustains the tesi of terrorist threats linked to the unchecked migratory flows onto our shores. Alfano a few days ago had ruled out any liklihood of this happening. “So far we have no trace of the presence of terrorists on boats-had said the Minsiter of the Interior” This does not mean that we have kept a low brow, but we are always on the lookout. “. And all this, despite repeated threats of Isis to Italy, the warning issued by International Intelligence and the recent massacre of Christians off the African coast.

The first to stand up against the Minister was Matteo Salvini. “The terrorist arrested today in Milan-he wrote on Facebook profile-had arrived in Italy earlier this year on a boat from Tunisia. A danger that the League had denounced long ago. Alfano give in your resignation. Three days ago, an adviser to the Libyan Government denunce that terrorists of Isis were leaving for Italy on boats. Stop departures and landings and border-controls even suspending Schengen. Now “. The leader’s words were followed by action taken up by the parliamentarians of the League who filed a complaint to the police of San Lorenzo in Lucina in Rome against MatteoRenzi, and Minister of the Interior and of Foreign Affairs, Angelino Alfano and Paolo Gentiloni, “because they donot safeguard national security and that of the citizens in this country”. “We want-was the request-the magistrate to determine whether there are responsibilities and we will continue with these egregious and strong actions so that this uncontrolled invasion policy of the government be put to an end.”

The immediate response came from Gaetano Quagliariello: “poor Salvini: obsession is a nasty illness-joked the Coordinator of New Central Democrats -today is the day that we should congratulate the State for the arrest of a dangerous terrorist and, for those like Alfano, who attend Brussels (a little,) rather than spending entire days attacking Minister Alfano, should engage with Europe in facing the momentous crisis of incredible dimensions. Pretending to reform the geography and pursue domestic solutions such as the suspension of Schengen, is even more than just silly-concluded Quagliariello-, it is useless and ineffective “. A defense of the office, the ex-Minister of reform, which has not quelled the protest of oppositions.

To ask for Alfano’s resignation were also members of Fratelli D’Italia, which in the past had denounced the Jihadist threat linked to immigration. “Fratelli d’Italia had said: with the boats even terroristsare coming in too-was the comment on Facebook byGiorgia Meloni-After the alarm raised by the intelligence services of half Europe, the massacre of Christian migrants on a boat off our coasts for religious reasons and the words of Nato Secretary General Stoltenberg on the possibility that terrorists and Jihadists could be hiding among immigrants, today we learn about this disconcerting news. ” Renzi and Alfano, according to Meloni, need to be shaken up and to do what it is necessary: stop the landings immediately with a naval blockade off the Libyan coast and sink the ships of traffickers”. The hope expressed by the leader of Fdi is that “all members of the government that have branded Fratelli d’Italia as being ridiculous, should have the decency to resign and all the members of the majority, who, until a few hours ago continued to sustain that there is no link between terrorists and the landings should apologise to the Italians”.

A further clamp-down on Alfano came even from a former party colleague, Paolo Romani (they were together in Pdl). “Our concerns have been confirmed-noted member of Forza Italia-Islamic terrorism is present in Italy and could use our territory to prepare and execute attacks. It’s really very serious and should not be underestimated. The government, which often has denied this possibility goes against our complaints completely, and now needs to give explanations and move with absolute speed and firmness to stop the landings and to be heard with strength and determination in Europe and other competent international organisations. Renzi and Alfano cannot get by only complimenting our police force “.

“Exodus for life for Alfano from national policy” was the ironic request of 5 StarMovement, who tagged the episode as ” a further blow to the credibility of this government in terms of internal security”. “We have heard Alfano say that there was no risk in Italy-5 Star Movement members have pointed out in a note-but the reality is that his total incompetence in parliament is turning our country into a backline Jihadist cells”. And Alfano? He has referred to it as “surreal and delireous ” were the indignant declarations of his opponents. “This is the opposition-said-this is also the reason why we govern”.

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