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The tragedies that are occuring in every part of Italy-north, central or south-leads us to ask a disturbing question: how many are the insane who are circulating freely in every part of our country? I’m not a justicialist, indeed over the years and with the experience gained in the field of Justice, I have become, I believe protective by nature. But the latest judgements, that I have read for heinous crimes, committed by psychologically unstable people make others wonder; and citizens too, especially, innocent victims, who are entitled to a reply.

“In the name of the Italian people … read the articles … has been acquitted from the accusations of …unfit to plead”. Hence, a person is then handed over back to society, who is sick and dangerous and attended only by public safety authorities, who themselves are increasingly burdened of urgent tasks. We all know that, after the initial checks, the person will be able to move freely around the country and thus the possibilità of committing illegal actions if not heinous crimes.

On more than one occasion, these unstable people once having completed their term of punishment or safety precautionary measure, have repeated their criminal behaviour towards innocent citizens whose only misfortune has been to meet them. And then we wonder what our legislators are waiting for to implement stricter security measures, applying in more severe cases forced hospitalisation, or hospitalisation over longer periods and discharging them only in case of proven inability of unstable criminal to repeat his criminal conduct?

The reigning ‘goodness’ unfortunately, is unable to give effective responses. The madness of a mother who kills her child or a man who shoots like a madman, killing, cannot end with an acquittal for failure and be subject to three years of simple safety checks. Three years of “observation” is not worth the life of the suffering, families destroyed and fear of meeting up again on the street, in suit and tie, the person who just a few months before had taken away the life of your soon in your own house. The legislator must think carefully about the daily frequency of crimes now due to madness and find a remedy as soon as possible. Other deaths are not justifiable.

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