“ONE WOMAN SHOW”, MOMA CELEBRATES YOKO ONO’S ART Innovative and experimental art, every piece of art encourages connections with public

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yoko ono

Seven small Illy coffee cups. Six were broken and repaired, every small cups has writings on that recall modern history events: Nanchino, Guernica, Dresda, Hiroshima, Mai Lai and the killing of John Lennon in front of the Dakota. The journey starts from the shop in Moma, which is calls “Yoko Ono : One Woman Show”, the first retrospective that the museum dedicates to the conceptual artist. Six of the small cups evoke the cicatrizing of historical and emotional wounds healing. There is a Japanese technique, the Kintsugi, that consists in repairing broken ceramics applying laque and gold powder. The seventh small cup is not broken. “It will not break because you will protect it”. Poetry and interaction, involvement of the public in her pieces of arts, this is usual for Yoko.

Poetry and guerilla art, these are the two leitmotivs accompanying the exhibit from today to September 7th. ‘One Woman Show’ opens with photos of 112 Chamber Street, where the young heir of an aristocratic family starts experimenting avant-gardes. 125 pieces compose the exhibit: photos; installations; performances; underground movie ‘#4’, which debuted in 19654 in London and shows 300 British bottoms displayed every 15 sec for 76 minutes inviting to interactivity; “Painting to be stepped on”, which is avoided by shy visitors and stepped on by brave ones; the white chessboard in the garden; “To See the Sky”, a swinging spiral staircase approaching the sky through a skylight at the sixth floor.

Interaction is the foundation of Yoko Ono’s art. Without ‘Cut Piece’ in 1964 – where the audience used scissors to undress her – would there be marina Abramovich? A green apple on a Plexiglas is the opening of the exhibit, it will stay there until it gets rot. It recalls the one in 1966 in an art gallery in London; Lennon entered and gave it a bite. That was their first encounter.

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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