The lies on pensioners

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Shouting “cuts on the pensioner” is a way of adding fuel in a proper way and with wanted hypocrisy against pensioners, a rhetoric that threatens to produce consequences endangering relations between generations. They even go to the extent of troubling categories such as “selfishness of old”, “asocial”security, “generational theft”. Evn prompting to the extent the same to do ‘autodafé’ (act of faith), paradoxically in a kind of public disclosure of their misdeeds, social security present, past and future, resulting in atonement for the shame of taking the badly earned cheque.

To stand out in this unique and unprecedented campaign are mainly those of the former “Monti “ government at all levels, either in permanent service or dropped recently from the decommissioned ship: think of the under-Secretary Enrico Zanetti or Senator Linda Lanzillotta, not to mention the same former Prime Minister as well as the former Minister Elsa Fornero. Not to say the least the Chairman of Inps, Tito Boeri, not a follower of Monti himself but always a professor who is well aligned to technocracy and anti-pensioner, so much so that he made recalculating pensions on the contributory benefits his flag: simply another way to further cut the amounts.

Well, what is the key argument used by ‘their highness my Lord? That current treatments are nothing if not a sort of privilege to the detriment of young people and future generations. Without frills: all nonsense, this is all a big lie. Pensions, with the lack of appreciation as well as with other devices, were cut only to bring in cash. And that’s it. Not one euro of those savings went to young people. And if today we had to decide to cut down on refunds once again/, it is not to give something to young people, but merely because there are no resources. A topic can also be solid, but it must be shown without veils. Even more so, if anything, subtracting from parents or grandparents, today as never before, means taking away from the same children or grandchildren: one only need think about the shock-proof pad played by elders with their pension checks within the families.

Just a final note: we refer to of course to normal pensions and pensioners (the vast majority), not parliamentary annuity holders or high income enjoyed by my Lords, including Cato made today.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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