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“Dad, what was my name?” asked Brenda having realized that her life had been deceit for a long time. Born as Bruce,at the age of two, as a result of an unsuccessful operation the child is forced to live as a girl, until the discovery in adolescence of her true identity.

It is 1965 when at St. Boniface hospital in Winnipeg in Canada, two monozygotic twins were born: Bruce and Brian Reimer. For both a circumcision is required due to an issue of penile phimosis.The simple and routine operation does not worry parents Ron and Janet.

The day of the operation, April 27, 1966, the Canadian town was hit by a snowstorm and the doctor who failed to reach the clinic. The Deputy decided to operate against children with thescalpel, but using a machine. After two failed attempts at engraving the skin the doctor increases the voltage of the surgical instrument that jagers little Bruce.

The Reimers, desperate for the incident, submit the case of their child to the opinion of several experts in the field, until one day accidentally, on television they saw a man of unquestionable charisma, and were convinced that he would find a solution to the problem.

Dr. John Money who in 1963 had founded the clinic for gender identity for patients with transsexual symptoms. New Zealand psychologist saw in the chaos of small Reimer the perfect opportunity to further his research. Until that time his patients were people with Hermaphroditism. Bruce instead became the perfect Guinea pig to show that gender identity is defined by the socio-cultural context and not by a biological reality.

Before continuing with the story, it would be important to take note of what is happening in Italy today, where parliament is discussing BillNo. 1680 advanced by Senator Valeria Fedeli democratic party. If approved, the introduction of gender education in schools would become compulsory. Under the generic term “overcoming gender stereotypes” it seems to hide a real indoctrination that would impose new generations to choose their own genus since an early age.

The studies and researches carried out by Dr. Money in the western world, in Italy found fertile ground with the last governments, which have cleared the dissemination of volumes “educate diversity in schools”. Sixteen institutes in Rome participated in a training course for teachers during which it was explained that a 3-year old child is able and free to choose his own sex. In Switzerland, where they have even created “sex box”, children can find pelouches genital organs to better know their body. In Sweden the “Egalia” kindergarten was invented for ‘neutral’ children who can choose their gender later on in life. In Germany the teaching of theories of gender is mandatory and if you do not agree you risk expulsion. In short, a real slap in the face to the fundaments of the family based on marriage between a man and a woman.

Going back to the story of Bruce, everything starts with the psychologist of the clinic of Baltimore who decided to “take to heart” the case of Reimer, claiming that just a simple operation and a strict upbringing as a girl to solve the problem. In 1967 the family agreed on the small surgery that would lead him to become Brenda and, following the advice of the “expert” begins to dress Bruce as a girl with the promise of taking him to a yearly checkup.

According to Dr. Money “little one ” grows happy and trouble-free but actually what happens in the family Reimer is far from being all roses. Brenda, in fact, although raised as a girl, moves and walks like a male, urinating standing, defends the twin brother from fellow mates hitting them and increasinglysteals baby games and toy cars.

During annual visits, the two brothers are forced to see explicit sex scenes in order to strengthen the role of gender. With the passage of time things do not improve, indeed, the “daughter” becomes more and more reserved and quiet and parents find themselves divided among teachers, counseling an alternative route, and Dr.Money suggested the families increasingly extreme therapies, how wander around the house without clothes and going to nude beaches. The solution proposed by the guru of gender was turning the conditions of the destroyed household worse.

March 14, 1980 Ron, the father of the twins, took courage and told the truth to his son who finally could make sense of those yearsof pain. Decides to call David, inspired by the biblical King who defeated the great Goliath.

22 September 1990 he got married and so starts a new life that he so much desired. In 2002, following his twin brother’s suicide, came the last final blow. Prey to guilty feelings and suffering, David too commits suicide 4 May 2004 at the age of 48.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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