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He is 32, happily married and has became father a few years ago. Thanks to his books and profession as motivational speaker, he has climbed the ladder of success. Noone could ever imagine from the description that the man we are talking about is none other than Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs.

The eldest son of a Christian family, Nick came to see the light with a rare genetic disease: thetetramelia. He has had no limbs and all you can count are just two deformed fingers which he calls “My crow’s feet”. At birth, the doctors haven’t been able to give a medical explanation for this “defect” and in the Church, where his father was a Pastor many amongst the congregation began to ask: “How can God allow this?”. Its so small yet life has now begun to bother those who were close to him, a slap in the face to those who believe that happiness can only spring from wellness and physical perfection.

As you might expect though, his childhood was not at all simple: he had to put up with being bullied by his classmates and often prayed begging God to give Him what nature had denied him. Seeing that nothing was changing for him, he began to lose hope, and at 8 fell into a depression that he even thought of taking his life. It was the fear of hurting his parents that stopped him and since then many things have gradually changed. He began experimenting with small daily victories like that of learning to write, throwing the tennis ball, answering the phone and pouring water into a glass.

Achievements that allowed him to earn back his confidence in life. There have however been two events that have permanently scarred him. The first was when as a teenager he read a newspaper article that reported the story of a man and his handicap. By skimming through the grey rows of the newspaper, he realised that his was not an isolated case-

Secondly, and no less important event that impressed him, was listening to the Word. It is in a verse of St Paul in a letter to the Romans: “now we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God”. “This sentence-he explained- spoke to my heart and convinced me that it is not by chance, luck or coincidence that these bad things happen. I found complete peace in knowing that the Lord did not let anything happen in our lives unless they have a good reason. So I gave all of myself to Christ at the age of 15, after reading Chapter 9 of the Gospel of St.John where we talk of the man born blind. Jesus explained that he was blind so that the work of God might be manifested in him “.

Nick believed sincerely that God would heal him to manifest His power in him. Later, as explained by the same young man, he received wisdom to understand that what he needed most of all in his life, was the look in his eyes, the way he saw himself. It was not the miracle of a pair of arms or legs, but something more profound and revolutionary: an experience of being loved just as one is. It is this experience that has completely changed his life. “Now I see a revelation of His glory in how He is using me, in ways that would be impossible to others.” At the age of 25 he has finished his studies in economics with a specialization in programming and financial calculations. He has begun traveling around the world, bringing his testimony and his books in 44 different countries.

In 2012, he married Kanae Miyahara and the following year has become father to Kiyoshi James. His lectures often conclude with his message: “I thank God for not giving arms and legs that so longed for. I was hoping to wake up one morning to find those limbs. It would have been a miracle to show on television. But now I understand this: the miracle is me. It’s ot the circumstances that should be changed to make us victorious., but it is our hearts that needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Have courage, do not be discouraged because God does not abandon us ever “.

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