CORRUPTION MATTARELLA: “IRRESPONSIBILITIES OF POLITICS” The Head of State clamped down hard in the speech he delivered in Turin: "Italians who are indignant, however, often give way to

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“It is true to say that there is widespread corruption that we see life as though it were some sort of plundering among robbers.” The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, using harsh words to describe the corruption that is taking people further away from politics. The Head of State, from Turin at the Arsenal of Peace in Sermig of Ernesto Oliviero, talked about “a break in the generational pact” and has exhorted not to underestimate the very serious responsibility held by “unsuccessful politics”. But, at the same time, he noted, Italians who are “indignant” about corruption then give way to personal behaviors that donot fall in line with legality. At the same time, Mattarella has asked not to lose hope on a better future because there are those who “do not give in to the first difficulties”  and indeed want to overcome them.  Hence, no “pessimism” then (in Italy there is even too “much”): on the contrary, it is time to turn our gaze to the future “and everyone should help in ” rebooting ” the country.

Almost a lesson in political ethics from the President of the Republic  on his first visit to Turin. Rich in important moments, from the ‘Book Fair’ at the Egyptian Museum, including a brief stop to the Cathedral to see the shroud. But most important of all,  rich in messages that Mattarella concentrated in a few hours. It was speaking at ‘Lingotto’  that he began his appeal: “we perceive an individualism that divides,  it lacks the ‘intermediate bodies’, in short mediators and the citizen finds himself having to face the institutions on his own. It is in face of these risks of solitude that we need to react, “he said, explaining however that EU citizens cannot expect to only have rights but also have” duties “.  We need to  “prevent cracking that interwoven mesh of the community”.  Hence, proof of a doubtless weakness in the system. That ‘ridge’ according to the President must be abandoned immediately with a return to legality and bringing people back to values, ethics in politics. And in order that his message be more clear, Mattarella took up the very words of Pope Bergoglio in all their strength: “those who corrupt are the worst sinners. These are words of fire that I fully agree with.”

Mattarella also engaged in topical issues and decisions taken to evoke the need for reforms,  the heed for indispensable  choices to be made on the part of the ruling class. “It must be clear that politics must come up with pratical solutions. Without having the capacity  to handle today’s problems this would not be possible. This is a test of humility in politics because it forces you to translate  principles into definite decisions “. Humility for the future of new generations, whom the President has called upon to act, to intervene, to “make their voices heard without fear”. In this tangle of reckless conviction and hope the head of State has made no exceptions to parties that have caused an “impoverishment” of politics. The reason why “young people turn away and lose confidence.”  Political ethics applies not only to us but to Europe too which  seems to be locked in “selfishness” which betrays its own past of civilization. The European Union “cannot fail to live up to its history and its values and these migratory phenomena are to be ascribed to its   responsibility in history”. Europe “must reflect, it must be “ open to “which means” rescue of lives, in order  to avoid “unmanageable migratory flows.” We must take charge of the problem, “he said with clarity.

Translation by Marina Stronati

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