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Man is not the final aim, as the aim is not the woman, as woman is not for man. They are designed as beings that go to complement each other for a purpose that transcends them. Men and women are called to bring in every area of their life, because they represent two specificities originally created for an identical task: building of a human community as fellowmen who acknowledge the only Father our God.

No man will ever fulfil the heart of a woman, and the woman of man. Husband and wife will be fully satisfied only by walking together toward God’s Infinity, fulfilling the tasks assigned to them. Love is not to look in each other’s face, but to walk together towards the same goal.

Man and woman are called to have children not for themselves, but for the human race. They generate the “originality”. Each child is a unique word of God, with a destiny, a task, an original mission. The parent is there to facilitate that miracle which is every child; upon him they should not shed their sights, personal purposes; they can serve; should only drive these children, helping them discover the plan of God for each of them.ducation is the work fulfilled together, parents and children, in order to discovert that plan, to see the performance, to answer the calling from it for parents and children.

Parents are there to stimulate, support, encourage, the growth of their children in that plan. The children will have reached maturity only when they have devoted their lives according to intelligence, love and truth. Parents have fulfilled their task when they will have brought their children to have no more need of them because I have matured to the point of being able to reject evil and choose the good.

The children are not the belongings of the paret that has generated them, parents have been entrusted with the children to educate them along the lines of whom has sent them to the children.

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