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Forget the time when you could easily plan your summer holidays in April and May, knowing exactly what to expect. For some years now the weather seems to have gone crazy, it is unrecognizable, extreme in heat and in cold temperatures. To pay for the cosequenses, the meteorologists themselves. Long gone have the continual winter frosts and the heat of the anticyclone from the Azores high between June and September, forecasting has become a puzzle. Proof of this will be seen in the coming days in Italy, when the exceptional heat wave in early May will be wiped out by the cyclone Ferox, a ‘water bomb’ will flood the country from north to south over the weekend, amidst downpours, hailstorms and even a sprinkle of snow on the peaks of the Alps. Temperatures will fall well below seasonal average causing us to curse the day we put away our sweaters, tights etc in the attic. The disruption will be brief (lasting just right on weekends) but violent and then we will leave, allowing spring back in Central Europe. Yes, but so what? We all have in our mind the disgraceful, last summer, characterised by wind and rain especially in the month of July, which should be the heart of the summer season, normally hot and stuffy.

This year things, according to the forecasts, should be different: there is talk of a hot summer punctuated from time to time, by cooler currents. Something like the summer in 2003, still remembered as the hottest year of the millennium. But is it true? Facebookfan pages of the main weather portals is the master of irony. “Every year you say so, then it’s never true” comment on a user, “but last one was not to be the coldest winter of the last 200 years?” asks another. And indeed that of last winter is the emblem of how crazy the weather is. The signals received by the experts were likely to push them tomake bold predictions. But the reality has brought us a warm, winter without snow for most Italian cities.

But whatever is happening in the Mediterranean, it is nothing as compared to what is happening in other parts of the world. The inhabitants of California should know something about this, where last Friday, a cold spring storm with snow which had fallen at somewhat unusually low altitudes, with a build-up that touched 5/10 cm. And those who wanted to go to the beach took with them ski equipment … The storm, dubbed Venus, carried by a low-pressure vortex flowing in from west to east and the ridge that has snowed even in Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. Snowy accumulations have not affected only the mountains but also big cities like Denver, Aurora, Rapid City an Chadron. And predictions do not promise anything good since the grip of frost will also continue in the next few days. And if the storms of the month of May are not new in Western Usa in some States like California they are indeed a rarity.

But what is the cause of an increasingly crazy weather? Most scientists blame climate change triggered by the emission of Co2 into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide produced by combustion of fossil energy sources (such as coal and oil) warms the air and, consequently, melting the glaciers of the Poles, bringing a rise in sea-levels and, in general, a gradual disruption in the equilibriums with the results that we are under our eyes every day. Fundamental in this regard will be the Paris Conference that will be held starting next November, in which the governments of 200 countries undersigned the agreement in support of a reduction of Co2 emissions. Step necessary to avoid passing the point of no return. But there are those who tag this climate change as a hoax of the media, which would be normal in the context of substantially different eras on earth (there were ice ages and centuries hot even when oil and coal if they were still in the belly of our planet). The mystery of the berserk weather seems destined to keep . We have to arm ourselves with holy patience and take an umbrella even when the sun shines above our heads.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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