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A lavish ceremony, wedding gown, flower bouquets, driver and at least 70 guests. So was the marriage of a 18 year old girl, Magli Munda, in a secluded village in Eastern India. Nothing strange, in fact, since marriage is a dream of all women, especially if it is with the love of her life. But in this case the bridegroom of Mangli is a dog. A local guru had told the parents of the young bride that someone had cast a bad spell on her and that marrying a man would have worsened the situation, until the destruction of the family and the local community.

“The elders of the village were advised to arrange the marriage and, as soon as possible had made sure that the evil spell was destroyed – explained the father of the bride – and marrying a dog was the only way to get rid of bad luck. Many weddings like this take place in our village and others nearby. It’s a practice that we firmly believe in “. “After doing this, the man I will marry will have a long life. – explains the newly spouse – and I will be free to marry the man of my dreams after this bad spell is removed “.

Many people living in isolated places do not receive adequate education; hence, they believe in bad luck and put all guru’s advice into practice in order to live a happy life. Mangli, she married a dog. Fortunately, according to the customs of this “marriage” it will not have any influence on the girl’s life, other than to make her and her family believe to have shunned away her evil spell and free her to marry again … without leaving her dog.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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