Three evidences are proof

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At times we may seek trouble ourselves, other times we may just find ourselves in trouble. Whatever it is, we are good at punishing ourselves after the events that have taken place, with the attempt to anticipate the criticism of our European cousins hoping in their indulgence which naturally never comes at the right moment. German, French, British are always ready to shoot on Italy when it comes to our inability-and we, strangely enough but true- are always a step ahead of them in doing the same thing-practicaly in punishing ourselves.

Having said this – and then inviting our national commentators to avoid spoutg off adjectives and adverbs which go beyond real facts o fan Italy incapable of any merit – an analysis, should however, be made of what has really happened.

1) we decided to put ourselves forward for the next Olympic Games, and with last evets at the Turin stadium, we have demonstrated the worst in us; 2) we inaugurated the universal exhibition in Milan, and we ended up on about half the world’s tabloids for the black bloc assaults that took place 3) we are supposed to host the ‘ Jubilee of Mercy” in Rome and a fire destroyed the Terminal 3 of the Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport, which is the hub, of international flights and passengers from all over the world.. To think of it as a pure”coincidence” perhaps may be reassuring but would be rather naive. It is evident that there is something to be done with the way we organise, in the computer programming, in the management of the preparations and control of major events. As these episodes, in addition to creating an immediate economic drain on our fincances, cause a bad image undermining future prospects and investments on Italian soil.

For this reason there is no need for us to emphasize any mistakes or shortcomings. Attention: we are saying “emphasize” and not “pointing out”. The words seem similar, but while in the first case, we would be seeking for sensationalism, and would be simply appealing to the “belly” of our readers, the public, is made up of either those who should be informed and those who should be managing these great structures, trying to urge them to tackle the shortcomings which are apparent.

As in cases such as that of Milan, we may think something could have been done in advance to prevent these troublemakers coming to the city-centre, in order to prevent more than repress; alternatively, study set routes: 1) have been land reclamation works, 2) prevented the installation of “ammunition” and “weapons”, 3) be least sensitive targets (banks, public offices, jewellers, etc.), and finally 4) warn the population in time to take away any cars, easy targets for the hooligans.

With regard to the airport, on the other hand, an immediate operation of intervention must be readjusted. It is evident that although 18,000 sensors may even have worked, the sprinkler system did not respond effectively to preserve the infrastructure. This, at the end of the year, as has been mentioned, will need to welcome millions of pilgrims coming to Rome for the Jubilee.

Putting it this way, using a bit of optimism, typical of those whose country is blessed by the sun. Expo will last months, and in the end, if all goes well the black blocs will be a faded memory. The Jubilee has not yet begun, and this incident should prevent further situations like the one that occurred yesterday, fortunately during the night.

In short, every cloud has a silver lining. As long as we avoid making the same mistakes that our ruling class and administrations are making all the time, perhaps to balance the aggressiveness of the media: in other words to minimize.

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