YEMEN ON ITS KNEES: PRESIDENT HADI ASKS THE UN TO INTERVENE OVER LAND John Kerry meanwhile is in Riyadh to persuade Saudi authorities to grant a break from military operations to distribute humanitarian aid

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Yemen representatives to the United Nations have called for an intervention by land in order to respond to the rebel Houthi offensive to the South of the country, where the situation after a month of bombing is highly critical. In the city of Aden, the second most important city, about 120 people have died in clashes between supporters of President Hadi and Shiites in revolt.

The war in the country has officially begun between the nights of 25 and 26 but the crisis has far deeper roots. In 2012, the President Ali Abdullah Saleh relinquished his post following the popular protests of the Arab Spring. Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi took his place but the inefficiency in dealing with extreme poverty, the shortage of water resources, the jihadist threat of al Qaeda, together with Houthi demands and Zaiditi led to a coup in January forcing the President to resign. After having conquered Sana’athe houthi in March aimed at the port of the city of Aden where Hadi had taken refuge.

The conflict has taken on an international dimension when Saudi Arabia and Iran have intervened in support of government forces and rebel pro Hadi Houthi. Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic’s Red Cross has scheduled to send 9 May, 2500 tons of humanitarian aid destined to Yemen from ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has accused the United States of helping Riyadh in committing “immense crimes” in the country. Meanwhile,Secretary of State of the United States, John Kerry is in the Arab capital on talks with Saudi authorities and asked for a break with the bombings.

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