The duty to listen

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The project “good schooling” is an extraordinary opportunity, because there have not been any previous Prime Ministers who have made their central theme to be education interventions, and this should help the public to see the link between education and the future of the country. Having said that, I believe that we need to think about a number of substantial changes, because the school of our Constitution has three cornerstones: is an educating community; is an opportunity for all where the difference is the substance and not the census; 3. It includes and leaves noone behind.

I remember the approval of a text in 1954 that was entitled “the Mission of the school.” In the introduction, they had presented the contract of a principal of an American high school, that in centre point, said: “If you want to teach in my school, you do not need to learn skills or knowledge. I come from a story where I saw competent medical experiments on human subjects, competent chemists find hydrocyanic acid to make us die soon, kind nurses accompanying people to gas chambers. You have to understand that teachers shouldn’t just transmit the skills or knowledge: you need to train men and women giving them the values which humanity needs. I’ve seen too many monsters full of knowledge. From this last point you understand the sense of the school as an educating community, we understand the meaning of merit and it includes a school as inclusion; This is the school of the Constitution.

Now we have to find the right balance, so that in an educating community the principal not be only delegating, because in autonomous school, the aim is that of educating the community, and it not on,y up o the principal. The important thing is that no one be planning to create a school-on the lines o fan enterprise, where there is a boss who chooses his leaders, promotes his employees and shareholders. We have seen that the educating community becoming an enterprise when it chooses the best student only and excluding the student who is not good; In addition to know what to do, you have to learn, understand, and live.

Is this why in Dante’s la Divina Commedia and his poems serve those who must learn to know how to do it: because it is not the final work that determines the quantum of humanity in being man or being a woman. The good school is an opportunity that should not be wasted, we should not abandon ourselves to an average school. Okay for the principle of evaluation; personally I would spend as much money for upgrading and training; with 500 Euros you have just good practice and not those professional retraining programmes which our teachers so much require, to do this you should invest a billion, go back to university, get masters qualifications, making them take leave, evaluate this period with a final exam and, once again, they will find themselves with a career and profession for excellence without risking to be chosen for just having being a lap-dog because there isn’t a serious system of evaluation.

I shared Renzi’s idea that one has to listen but then the government should take the responsibility to decide. The school is a complex reality that has withstood many a bad government and bad education ministers (I myself did it too); it has resisted thanks to the passion and dedication that the vast majority of the teaching staff have put. It is this passion and desire that saved the Italian school, making it a “good school” apart, giving them the faculty to be able to speak and the government and parliament must listen to them.

Here it is not the trade union demands that can settle the crafty guy who thinks to circumvent the classifications; many people participated in contests facts galore, and the state made out their paths verging on sado-masochism. They arrived to 50 years of age without certainties, but have continued teaching. Theirs is a yell, like that of Munch; a collection of pain and hope, anguish and search of the resurrection. It is therefore an opportunity that we are given, and cannot be dismissed as “whoever strikes curbs”; for years – wrongly-divides the world between good and bad. Today we have reached the point of dividing teachers into bad and very bad, bullies and indolent people without realising it.

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