The villains of the word

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There is a very beautiful Psalm on wisdom, Psalm 126, which reads: “If the Lord does not build the House, in vain do the builders labour…” The text continues repeating several times the uselessness of hustling in wanting to go all the way alone. Man who doesn’t have the Heavens as a reference and does not take into account the Giver of all life, toils in vain and sweating arrives at the end of the day often empty-handed while – and the Psalm continues: “the Lord (that bread) will give it to his friends while they sleep.” The secret conveyed by this high wisdom lies in believing in the One who takes care of his friends.

The Creator becomes the real model of every administrator, namely those who are called in different ways to the responsibility to educate and govern. The city, the house, the family is formed with the will of God and then in the absence of His blessing everything is frustrated. The wise man who is God- fearing has a rhythm of life, a character, a modus operandi which is entirely different to those who live without the Creator of time and space. The illusion of ‘do it yourself’ and that he can conquer goodness knows what without His will, has become the predominant disease of our time.
A Godless society needs impose itself with the new logic of an ethical and devastating religious syncretism, wiping out history and culture, the real knowledge and the force of truth.

In the dictatorship of relativism, one is expected to bow down to these criminals of the Word, of whom noone wants to speak about because they have disseminated the terror of freedom, namely the fear of testifying one’s faith.

Spiritual life is not for them, but life is synonymous with illiteracy while their maddening esoteric magic or forecasts are becoming increasingly real and undisputed. At the bottom of each single thought is killing, killing reason, hence the search for, reflection, dialogue and the truth. Building without God will make an empty house, perhaps charming on the outside but then terribly useless. A trap that will ruin as soon as bad weather comes because the home was not built on solid rock but on sand … “and its ruin was great!”

How many people make an image of themselves or of their artificial habitat which is so unhappy? How much determination is there in man who defies the Infinite willing to put everything at stake on this earth! Yet there must be hope for our children. I am thinking of martyrs, of those who have allowed themselves to be killed while ot denying their faith. Future generations need these ‘real’ men. No to ‘gender’ beings, no to undetermined beings, no to ‘insipid’beings, no to powerful beings, but simply men and women, saints and martyrs.

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