‘ITALICUM’ FINAL RUSH, FINAL VOTE TOMORROW Renzi ON Tg2: “It’s ot over yet, we should wait before summing up”

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After having cashed in the three votes of Confidence on th election reform, Parliament is now diverting its attention to the final vote on the Italicum, which will be held on Monday evening most likely under secret ballot, only if it should be asked by Forza Italia. “It isn’t over yet” These have been the first words uttered by Premier Matteo Renzi interviewed on Tg2 “We shall need to wait before summing up, until all is not over”. “The election-law is becoming a symbol – he conitnues – the ruling class has been inconclusive. If things turn out to be as I hope they will, then we could say that we have really turned over to a new page, which is of a crazy significance.” “There are many who are saying that there is no democracy, and to think that we have voted for seven times on this law only in the third reading, finally concluded the leader of the Democratic party, referring to the divisions within the party.

“Perfect election laws donot exist, but Italicum but we shall vote it because it will ensure good governance to Italy”, Minister of the Interior, Angelino Alfano declared on behalf of NCD (new Christian Democrats), who also added that thanks to the new election law, “the government is stronger». According to Alfano Italicum “immediately establishes who the winner is and at the same time gives voice to those who donot win to be in parliament and represent those who have not won.” The vote of confidence instead, “ been the remedy of a technical political and parliamentary procedure which permits using the secret ballot on the vote. Our line has always been ‘no’ to the vote of confidence, ‘no’ to the secret ballot and consequently, ‘yes’ vote of confidence’ yes’ on secret ballot”.

Forza Italia, which does not share this opinion, attacked Alfano. “We would so much like to write about the violence with which this Parliament has been inflicted by Italicum, which so much pleases Renzi and his colleagues. On the contrary. There are other things which disturb and more directly affect the daily life of all. And precisely, the violence perpetrated against Milan, its citizens and the rest of Italy by manipulators of political criminals cuddled by abated Tv stars and rapper apologues of guerilla warfare”, writes Il Mattinale, in a note of the political staff of Forza Italia group. “While the government’s busy putting the leash on the people’s sovereignity leading it wherever the ‘young Florentine’ wants with an election law Mussolini style, Minister Alfano’s last statement before the inauguration of Expo has been rather disconcerting: ‘Confidence over the Italicum strengthens the government’. Perhaps, rather than showing off triumph for the parade at Montecitorio, it would have been better if he had devoted more attention not only protecting his ‘throne’ but the city of Milan too”, continues il Mattinale.

And within the Democratic Party lines, the waters are not yet calm. A good 38 members of the Democratic party have not given their vote of confidence on the election-law presentated by their party leader. Amongst these, important names like Bersani, Speranza and Rosi Bindi.The embarassment caused by evident internal disagreement , has prompted the vice-secretary of the Democratic party Lorenzo Guerini to mend the rift in view of the constitutional reform of the Senate house on debate at Palazzo Madama, where the votes of Bersani’s followers are considered to be of crucial importance given the break with Forza italia.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati


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