NIGERIA, BOKO HARAM FORCED TO RELEASE 234 YOUNG WOMEN The general -quarters of the Defence in Nigeria has informed of having successfully attacked the stronholds of the Jihadists in the north-east of the country

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“A further group of 234 young women ad chldren have been released between the Kawuri and Konduga estreme ends of the Sambisa Forest” read the message posted on the officialTwitter account at the general-headquarters of the Defence in Nigeria. The total numbers of women freed during this week has been declared to be over 677. President Goodluck Jonathan, whose mandate will end this month, has reassured that the forest constitutes the last garrison for Islamic militants and has pledged to “free Nigeria totally from terrorist-strongholds”.

The liberation came as soon as the Nigerian armed forces deployed ground-troups following air-raids in the camps in the forest of Sambisa, the place where the 219 young women had been kidnapped on 15th April in 2014 from the school of Chibook. The army had furthermore, informed that it was investigating to under- stand where the released young girls and women had come from. Photos have also been released by the Nigerian army, to facilitate returning to their families, which depict about 20 people amongst women, young people and children who are in seemingly good health. However, at least one of these children appear to be suffering from malnutrition.

Disconcert on the part of some people, as according to military spokesman, to whom some women have allegedly shot against some military troups who were there to help them. This could imply that militants of Boko Haram, has used the mas human shields or that some of them may identify themselves with Boko Haram, after having been subjected to months of harassement, been kept under custody and forced to marry.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati


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