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It has once again taken place.  Antagonists in the streets with axes, sticks and hammers; wearing hoods, the objective of smashing any object or person in their way, from the heads of policemen to cars parked in front of the stores, to the ATMs  of the so much hated capitalism.

Initially peaceful, colorful and noisy as in other events organised  throughout Italy, the Milan event soon turned into an open battlefield.  The route had been well studied to avoid contacts with the city centre and Largo Cairoli, where etrance gate to the Expo lies, nevertheless, the same protection  was not given to the citizens living on the outskirts of the neighboring areas, which soon became “trenches” where some protesters from several European countries, triggered panic, destroying windows of banks, finance companies, post offices and convenience stores and travel agencies , routes and obscured cameras. And then overturning bins, flower-pots, street-signs, writing on walls, exploding bombs: a bomb was hurled inside the confectionary shop Venchi, in piazza Cadorna, setting it on fire. Another one against the headquarters of the Bnl, (National bank) in piazzaVirgilio. Police were also attacked in several places with stone-throwing pieces of concrete and also smoke.

After their devastating and unchecked action, and unchecked, hiding behind hoods and helmets, they turned to attacking the police with water cannon and tear gas, about 400. The protesters stripped off their clothes and left them on the asphalt (in  a cemetery where there are black helmets, black jackets and black trousers) and dispersed through the crowd so as not to be recognised.

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella expressed his “firm condemnation of violent hooligan acts” which occurred during the protest in Milan.  A violence “all the more regrettable in that the revolt goes against an event that aims at ‘feeding’ the planet, the fighting against starvation and malnutrition and a world order based on greater equity between rich and developing-countries”. The President also expressed ” his full solidarity with the citizens of Milan, victims of heavy damage, and with the police who have dealt with the violence with responsibility and great sense of duty.”

So far the statements from the highest office in the state. But we need to ask ourselves a few questions.  Since we already know the ending of certain events, why allow these things to happen? Why not ban the entrance to the city by cordoning it off outside? Why not choose possibly the “cleaned up” routes, avoiding roads with banks or sensitive targets and allowing residents to take away their cars?

Lying in wait for the black bloc and increasing the barricades is proving to be just an invitation to get organised better, to raise the power of the use of arms , to take on the challenge of urban warfare. The State can and should speak up, not only in repressing these thugs, but in defending the honest citizens who after the passage of these thugs ,we witness the destruction of the only family car, almost always on instalments still to be paid, and which serve sto go to work. How i sit possible – one wonders that it ever dawns on these “brilliant minds” who have it against the system, do not realise that burning a couple of cars belonging to the so-called “strong powers” does not move the man inch, whereas others-belonging to the layman of the street-would mean taking away their breath for a living?

The leader of the Lega Nord, Matteo Salvini, has asked Alfano to resign: “what happened in Milan was highly foreseeable and Alfano you should resign. I hope that a few hundred thugs can spend a few weeks at San Vittore(Prison). As a Milanese and Italian, I’m a fan of the Expo, he added, but for now it’s just a showcase for the ministers who are there just going wild, while abroad, what passes through is the image of a city that has been devastated and plundered by hooligans. What I would like to know is, who’s going to pay for the damage “.

The Interior Minister indirectly replicates: “A big thank you to the police force and the security system of Milan. They avoided the worst using intelligence and firmness. Public order tactics adopted in Milan have avoided the worst to happen. The opening day of the Expo has not been tarnished by blood neither by protesters, nor by police force “.

Indeed, noone has got hurt. Yet the image of Italy comes out with broken bones. But we have to stop with the bad habit typically ours, of settling for the lesser evil; a strategy that has done irreparable damage in politics, and now is starting to do damage in society too.

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