ISIS: “CALIPHATE STRONG EVEN WITHOUT AL BAGHDADI” Mystery around the health of the leader of the Islamic State

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Mystery surrounds the health conditions of the Islamic State leader (Isis) Abu Bakr al Baghdadi reported recently by the media as having “severe injuries”following a U.S. raid in March, on an Iraqi town near the border with Syria. The hypothesis was raised by rumors on the web, where they continue to speak of “clinical death” of the Caliph. But also by a weak denial from the same terrorist organization in Mosul, thestronghold of black Caliphate in northern Iraq.

The Pan-Arab newspaper al Quds al Arabi is reported to have asked an internal source of Isis on the news released recently by some Western media on Baghdadi. In particular, Newsweek, claimed that al Baghdadi is no longer able to exercise his duties as a leader. Al Quds University has obtained a denial of injury of the black Caliph, on the grounds that, in any case, the death of the founder of the Islamic State does not mean the end of the movement.

“The news is false-claimed the source questioned by Arabic newspaper released in London-but the Baghdadi, as all leaders of the Caliphate, could be under target by the Americans and be considered as martyrs as succeeded Abu Musab al Zarqawi and AbuOmar al Baghdadi (both former al-Qaida leader killed in American raids, ed); all are gone, but the Islamic State remains and will not be destabilised “.

The news of the injury of the Caliph was relaunched in late April by the Guardian. According to the British newspaper, Al Baghdadi was injured on March 18, 2015 at At Baaj, in Nineveh province near the border with Syria. Initially given for dead, the Caliph was allegedly transported urgently to Mosul to receive appropriate treatment, which would have saved his life.

However, his health conditions would prevent him from driving the war that the Islamic State has declared on Iraq and Syria. A situation that would have convinced al Baghdadi to appoint a vice. According to Iraqi media, Abdul Rahman Mustafa al-Qardashi, better known as AbuAla Al Afri will be the new Caliph, if Baghdadi were to die. But in support of the hypothesis of the precarious physical condition, there are some reports on social media that in April, Baghdadi was supposed toh ave wed with a Muslim girl who has a German passport. Iraqi satellite Tv al Hurra “, citing a source in Nineveh, reports that the marriage allegedly took place at the bedside of the Caliph in a hospital in Mosul: another fact that would seem to confirm Al Baghdadi ‘ fears for his life.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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