Italian marines humiliated 58 times

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termentini-150x150Yet another postponement, the 58th in line as announced by the Indian Supreme Court which still has still to decide whether to apply the Anti-Terrorism Act or ordinary law to the two Italin riflemen who have been held hostage in New Dehli for three years.

One aspect, which is not of secondary importance whereas SUA Act also prescribes for the death penalty, contrary to what had been provided by the government in March 2013 and the current Premier who has always flaunted self-confidence in the management of a story that seems to have got out of hand, similar to what happened to the High Representative for Foreign Policy and European Security , Federica Mogherini.

Italy continues to be humiliated by the arrogance of India without anyone in the institutions being capable of raising their voice. Two of our militia are still being held hostage and this is proof of how the institutions are unable to ensure them and other colleagues on mission abroad, the most important guarantee that of of functional immunity. All reassure, but nothing has been obtained, starting from both the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Renzi who at every opportunity declares he is attentively following the episode. To what extent though, is difficult to see.

Executive orders are that othing must be said, the Italian media “obey” passively perhaps fearing for public funding of publishing sector. The news that the judge of the Supreme Court of India, Anil r. Dave, had decided to postpone to July the hearing that concerns the two riflemen of the Italian Navy, was announced with newsflash a few seconds from the national news, casts and only a few newspapers have given spce for the news.

We though, do not we give up, we keep on our toes and we won’t allow to be bullied by recommendations that day after day prove to be unjustified and derived only from purpose to keep the problem in the shade.

We denounce the soapopera featuring two Italian soldiers, a farce that has been going on for three years at the expense of two of our marine riflemen and their families. Three successive governments and each has always assured the best efforts but has never substantially achieved anything . A government, the current one, which continues deceiving with the Premier’s claims that after meeting Modi during a “coffee break” at the last G20, he ensured the Italians and the armed forces on a swift conclusion of the story.

Now, yet another Indian hoax and Italy, passively looking on, is preparing to host the Expo in Milan, Indian production space, which certainly will be justified on the grounds of protecting the economic interests of our country, the same ones that were made official on March 22, 2013 when it had been decided to send back to India the two marines.

An explanation but which does not reflect the reality given that recently the Indian Premier Modi visiting Europe has taken up close economic contacts with Germany and France, ignoring Italy.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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