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3,600 dead and 6,538 wounded, these are the number of victims of the earthquake in Nepal, Kathmandu Valley in particular, on Saturday 4/25. The toll is raising dramatically every hour and is renewed by tremors: the last one was in the afternoon – magnitude 6.7. There is no electricity, telephone relay is lessen and food and water are running low.

Hospitals are overcrowded and in every open space – parks and gardens – have been used as camps for displaced people. Fear is growing for the four Italian speleologists that were in Langtang, as no one has heard from them since Saturday.

The most fragile faces are those of children, UNICEF launched a plea for them, “The situation in Nepal is terrible, half the population is underage, and it could be a catastrophe. UN said the situation is complicated in rural areas and in the villages in the northwest of Kathmandy, which is destroyed and hard to reach. Saved children are freezing cold. The next few hours are very important”.

On the Everest, the earth shook more than once and there were many avalanches; 22 bodies were found here. There are still 217 people missing, 32 survived and 29 are hospitalized in Lukla.

No news of the Italian speleologists. They were in Langtang, which was covered in debris. They are Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Antonini, 53, from Ancona; Gigliola Mancinelli, from Ancona, anesthetist; Oskar Piazza, mountain rescuer in the north of Italy, Trentino Alto Adige; and Giovanni ‘Nanni’ Pizzorni, 52, from Genoa, expert canyoner.

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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