Faith, culture and technology

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The Christian faith in the resurrection is something quite different than the simple doctrine on the immortality of the soul. It contains hope in the final triumph over death in the world, both spiritual and corporal.The era we are living in, with the increasingly fast technological innovation and revolutionary change in the ways of living, feeling and ways of thinking, precipitate new generations in a world that doesn’t seem to have any connection whatsoever with our world, whoever has a bit of sensitivity cannot humanly not perceive the tragic transience of all things. It will then be hope in the resurrection to suggest that however many may triumphantly commemorate mournings of the past, life can’t really die and eventually will triumph over destruction. In fact, the resurrection of Christ, spreads His immortal light on all reality created and makes one understand that everything good and valid contains in itself the germ of eternity.

And, strangely enough, it is precisely the latest technological innovations to arouse in us this hope. Until not many years ago, an immense heritage of culture and art was accessible only to a restricted number of people, and often with difficulty. Nowadays, an entire repertoire of poetry, literature of any kind, works of art, instrumental and vocal music, as well as texts and educational materials for any art or discipline is easily accesible over the network-and this ppossibility is extended to everyone and often at no cost. So we have before us a spectacle never before seen: an enormous incomparabile wealth, which had been declared dead and gone forever by modern science, thanks to technology it has been brought back to life again for the benefit of crowds that had never been reached before, so as to show everyone the germ of timeless eternity that is enclosed in the secret of her beauty.

Just like the barbarians during the times of the invasions, while they destroyed everything thaey came across, they ended up being conquered by the glorious, vestiges of Roman civilization, we can hope that new vandals, while mocking and despising the world of “yesterday”, will finally be attracted by the charm that it emanates.

But so much wealth, put unthinkingly at the disposal of all, likely risks being unse by many. Those responsible for culture, either secular or religious, right or left-wing, would bear the blame if they had to skip such an incredible opportunity and not take advantage this opportunity to move with caution and wisdom, the youth towards sources of the “humanitas” that, as for centuries, had been the school of life and thought of more or less the restricted élite, and could very well be available today for a wider range of classes.

If the rampant conformism towards what is often referred to as the “politically correct” had to cast a shadow of pessimism on the desire to take advantage of a means that is so providential for the sake of the youth and society, the solemnity of the Easter of the Resurrection, which we today celebrate, gives us confidence and hope that, just as Christ is risen from the dead, despite the implacable hatred of his opponents, so whatever is beautiful, real, unforgettable in the historical experience of mankind, could be redeemed by Him, despite the ill will of many, and return to a new life right from thes mortal days of ours.

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