Thirty sheckels from Europe

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termentini-150x150As decided by the extraordinary European Council meeting convened to address the problem of migrants, it has once again evidenced how our national sovereignty is sold off to the highest bidder for 30 pence, giving up on demanding real respect from other European Union countries.

Once it happened on March 22, 2013, when our two marine riflemen were sent back to India for the sake of economic interests of some small lobby that it might continue doing business with Delhi. Moreover, following latest assessments belied by Indian Premier Modi’s recent visit to France and Germany to strengthen economic relations with the two countries, he completely ignored Italy.

And now the last act that confirms how our status has now been geared to accept what little is granted by the EU, to avoid touching the sensitivity of the European partners and to survive on a daily basis. Our Premier, in fact, declared himself satisfied with the accomplishment he obtained from the European Council and said that it was “a big step forward”.

What this great success really entails, is still difficult to understand, as is also unacceptable to understand the enthusiasm of our Premier. In fact, the only thing that Europe has approved, has been an increase in funds allocated to finance operation Triton and the outright refusal of other states to accept migrants into their countries leaving Italy once again on its own to cope with the emergency.

A satisfaction that derives from the announcement that a few pennies have been allocated to keep the navy and aircraft currently operating, going, proving once again that we are willing to bow our head for peanuts giving up on any claim to the “Holding Europe” that it recognise as its furthest borders as being the southern coast of Italy.

With redundancy, it was announced that the funds would be tripled forgetting though to clarify that the funds have not been solely allocated to Italy but also to support the commitment of other new realities that will become part of the operating device of Triton (British, French German and Lithuanian means) and to pay other officials of Frontex who will certainly take advantage of this opportunity to consolidate their positions as bureaucrats only to collect statistical data , disregarding the purpose for the establishment of the agency which should coordinate the patrol of external aerial, maritime ad terristrial borders of the European states.

It is therefore difficult to share in this “national pride” for the results accomplished. The increase in the funds, in fact, can hardly be used for the management of migrants on Italian territory and definitely will not go to cover the ammortisation costs of the Italian naval resources that have been engaged for more than two years at sea.

What success Italy has achieved in all this is not clear.However, what remains obvious once again, is how political success can be confused with meagre and uncertain economic returns, proof that our country has now been sold off.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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