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An 8-year-old girl told me: “If my dad and mom were to divorce, I would flee from home; I would go to those who love me well; I’d go to my grandma’s! “. The continuous quarrels between husband and wife had created doubt in her little heart on the seriousness of their love. The little girl felt anxious and frightened and consequently insecure, which she could not live with. Her grandmother was the new pole of reference that gave security and peace. How does the temptation to divorce come? First of all by the lack of deep dialogue and communication with the inner mystery of oneself. When, between spouses, one begins to find negative aspects in each other’s life, which they did not know about or had not wanted to know, or they don’t speak about it or they begin to feel rejection.

Divorce is never justifiable, it is possible to prevent it. The way is simple: do not hide anything from each other, talking to each other even at the risk of adverse reactions, helping each other out, confiding together in those who want to and can help us.

It is possible to avoid divorce, resorting to the Lord whoever speaks to Him. Marriage is saved experiencing it with one’s own community. Marriage witnesses, are chosen not for trivial reasons but because rich in faith and life in Christ, they are a help in the dark hours of love.

You need to be a good husband. And to be a good husband? It is necessary to have your heart your only wife. Ne’er a sibling? Never. What does it take to be a good mother? You need to be a good wife! And to be a good wife? Take care of your husband! What does this mean? Be nice to him, desire him, lure him with the beauty of your inner spirit, move him totally, with her femininity, getting closer with her beauty, not just physical but beauty in her personality, giving themselves one to the other in the intimacy of one’s own heart as a seal of her union with him, after so many preludes in love. The woman being loving, conquers the heart of her spouse.

When the woman does not love her husband, she slowly destroys him, killing him by dint of pin-pricks.The woman, who becomes wicked, becomes unbearable, sometimes fierce, because she is blinded. Slowly the gap widens, you take away the verbal communication come sto lack, enhancing negative non-verbal communication, more and more dialogue and bodily communion decrease. If she donates herself once a month, it is already much, then ever the more lesser and lesser. Interourse is rare, it is almost non-existant When it does take place, she is a piece of marble and in his imagination he joins with others. And this is when it come sto a tragedy.

But all can be saved, and renewed and going back to being just one can be resumed. Aberrant behavior is running through men and husbands too. The ideological perversion and insane practice. This is a destructive mentality.The corrupt man thinks, that by telling an untruth as big as a mountain: “I ‘ll leave my heart to my wife and I’ll go and give vent to my desires with the transexuals, get excited with children, or go with other women”. Buying their body, body of women forced into prostitution, while having fun with the sexual perversions, with sadism and masochism. Sometimes his wife adheres to this mentality by accepting couple exchanges, which are nothing but disgusting orgies.

Man is an original gleam,a unity of body and soul: it is impossible that there be bodies removed from the soul. Making the body uglier also makes the soul ugly too; giving away the body to others even love for his wife is destroyed. The man who does not cure the spiritual relationship with his spouse, remains a male beast, and man who lives like a beast does ot become a man.

The man who lives like a beast, buys the women’s body to cover up his sense of inferiority. The beast in a man wants to feel the master, ruler of the woman. Having bought her body, he expects to do whatever he wants with her, he feels boss over her having paid her pimp for her. Buying her body getting her to do whatever he wants with her the woman feels that he bought and paid to her pimp, and thus also loses himself. Whoever goes with prostitutes, can no longer be either father nor husband.

The wrong way of thinking and being, results in divorce: the two do not tolerate each other anymore. What is striking and leaves one speechless, is that children do not count anything, nor are they taken into account. Children, however, would prefer their parets dead rather than seeing them separate. Not all think so, I think the opposite. But it has been scientifically demonstrated that a son, a daughter, would never accept the separation of their parents. Why? The son is the sign incarnate of the parents, the parents ‘ unity. His son, his daughter, doesn’t need the father’s love towards him or her, they need the love of the father towards the mother, and the mother towards her son.

Once parents have separated, children implement the psychological attitude of refusal, but the trauma remains. It continues to act under the surface, to be imperceptible, but is constantly operating. In their science it arises. Many children, when they hear their parents arguing,suffer from fear of being abandoned, partly because many times they believe they are the cause of the quarrel. Prof. Vittorino Andreoli, renowned psychiatrist, said that divorce should not be granted as long as there are children under three years of age. The lives of the children of divorcees is unfortunate, a misery caused by parents. Any divorce can be avoided.

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